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Alan Jackson
"Precious Memories"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Softly And Tenderly
  • I Love To Tell The Story
  • When We All Get
    To Heaven
  • 'Tis So Sweet To
    Trust In Jesus
  • In The Garden
  • Are You Washed
    In The Blood
  • I'll Fly Away
  • What A Friend
    We Have In Jesus
  • Standing On The Promises
  • Turn Your Eyes
    Upon Jesus
  • Leaning On The
    Everlasting Arms
  • THe Old Rugged Cross
  • How Great Thou Art
  • I Want To Stroll Over
    Heaven With You

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    Alan Jackson
    "Precious Memories"

    If you're a Country artist, chances are, you beginning roots were Gospel and/or Christian music. Elvis started out with Gospel, as he sang in church. When Johnny Cash was with Sun Records, he wanted to record an all-Gospel album, which Columbia Records agreed to. Some Country artists record many albums in this style, (and also Rock & Roll artists). Then they decide to record one (or more) as Gospel/Christian. Alan Jackson did this. So did Elvis, and Johnny. Rockers such as Little Richard and Dion did this as well. Then there's the case of Third Day's Mac Powell. He is most famous recording Christian albums with his band, then he recorded a Country album. (Actually, he has two Country releases.)

    As he always did, his albums have always struck gold. His Country albums normally produced one or more #1 hits on the Country chart, likewise his albums topped the Country chart as well. HIs 2005 release, Precious Memories not only topped the Country album chart, it also topped the Christian album chart. 22 non-conseutive weeks on the Christian albums chart in 2006, but only two weeks on top of the Country albums chart. Another surprise, is that none of the songs here were #1 on the Country or Christian singles charts.

    Precious Memories is simply beautiful. It's an excellent album of traditional Gospel songs. It can easily be heard how this album stayed on top of the Christian chart as it did -- Anyone with an interest in Gospel/Christian album will truly enjoy this album.

    There are so many songs that can easily be played in church. One instrument that stands out on these recordings are the piano and organ. "Blessed Assurance," "Softly And Tenderly," "I Love To Tell The Story," "When We All Get To Heaven," "'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus," "In The Garden."

    "Are You Washed In The Blood" and "I'll Fly Away" are songs that really should be played back-to-back. They have more of a Country sound than any of the other tracks here.

    Once again, the traditional church flavored tracks continue: "What A Friend We Have In Jesus," "Standing On The Promises," "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus," "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms," "The Old Rugged Cross," "How Great Thou Art." The latter track is one of my favorite Gospel songs of all-time. The last track, "I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You" is another Country-tinged sounding track. (Not to say any of the tracks here sound Country, they just sound better as Gospel, and can easily be played throughout church gatherings.)

    Rather than individually critique each song as in many reviews on this site, I would rather combine the tracks on this release, and just simply say, that Precious Memories by Alan Jackson is definitely one of the best Gospel/Christian albums ever recorded. Elvis Presley's Gospel albums have always been another great mention. Alan Jackson has proved to the music world, that not only can he record Country, but Gospel/Christian as well. His voice shines on every track here, just as he has on previous Country releases. (I don't think there is one bad album he has ever recorded; I am a huge fan of his.) He's also recorded Christmas albums, and just recently, a Bluegrass release.

    In 2013, he recorded a sequel to Precious Memories, entitled Precious Memories Volume II. Like the first, it also reached #1 on the Christian albums chart, for eight weeks. Surprisingly, it did not hit #1 on the Country albums chart, as the first album did.

    Shine with Precious Memories by Alan Jackson. The album is refreshing, it is powerful with faith. Discover your faith in God with this album. It is truly an album of inspiration and peace. Alan Jackson's music is well worth listening to. Adding this Gospel/Christian album to his list just makes his career in music exceptional, and a proud moment to add his name to the many other legends in Country music. And adding his name to the legends of Gospel and Christian as well.

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