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Quiet Riot
"Metal Health"

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Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • Metal Health
  • Cum On Feel The Noize
  • Don't Wanna Let You Go
  • Slick Black Cadillac
  • Love's A Bitch
  • Breathless
  • Run For Cover
  • Battle Axe
  • Let's Get Crazy
  • Thunderbird

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    Quiet Riot
    "Metal Health"

    The year 1983 was the breakthrough for the band Quiet Riot. Their Metal Health album reached #1. They had two previous albums released in Japan. Their videos were on MTV: "Metal Health" otherwise known as "Bang Your Head" and the song that was originally recorded by the band Slade, "Cum On Feel The Noize." Quiet Riot was noticed, and quite truthfully, they were best known for the two songs mentioned alone. The band was lead by singer Kevin DuBrow, who had quite an impressive look, performing as the typical rock star.

    As mentioned, the title track and "Cum On Feel The Noize" were the highlights. As for the rest of the album -- They are pretty much yay's and nay's... I'm trying to determine who to compare to other Rock bands...

    On "Don't Wanna Let You Go," are they compared to the later years of Kiss? On "Slick Black Cadillac," it sounds like your common 1980s Hairband songs... How about comparing this one to Poison? On "Breathless" I seem to try to compare it to the early Bon Jovi; a fast-paced "Runaway" ?

    As for most 1980s "Hair Bands" that pretty much are rockin' it out, their ballads seem to be more noticed. QR's "Love's A Bitch" is a ballad, but not exactly a "Monster Ballad" defined by most popular hard rocking hair bands' ballad tunes.

    Which brings us to the remaining three songs: "Run For Cover" Does this song sound Pop, yet with with heavy metal vocals? "Battle Axe" is a short instrumental, focusing on the guitar (of course), and trying to be like an Eddie Van Halen "Eruption" ? This answer I can reply as "No." "Let's Get Crazy" is another 80s hair band rock track, and on "Thunderbird," it has a slow-driven, almost ballad sound, yet the loud vocals towards the end, just doesn't cut it.

    Two more albums followed after Metal Health, and DuBrow's opinions on heavy metal bands, spats with band members, and management, caused his firing from the band in 1987. Quiet Riot would reform, with no original members. One album with the new lineup was released, and by 1989, the band went on their separate ways.

    By 1990, DuBrow had won the rights to the Quiet Riot name, and reformed a new lineup. The band began working on new material. DuBrow and original member Carlos Cavazo settled their differences, and formed a new band called Heat in 1990, then both returned to Quiet Riot the following year. The new material from 1990 would be released on a new album in 1993.

    The band's first two (Japan) albums were with bandmember Randy Rhoads (best known as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist before his death in 1982) were re-released in 1993, then a new Quiet Riot album in 1995, then a greatest hits set from their material from the record label CBS. By 1997, the original lineup of Metal Health were reunited. A live album was released in 1999, then a new studio album in 2001. A DVD concert was released in 2003. Quiet Riot split up again in 2003.

    DuBrow released his first solo album in 2004. The band reunited in 2004. Only two members from the Metal Health lineup were back: DuBrow and Frankie Banali (drummer). By 2006, band members had parted and were replaced. Kevin DuBrow remained, as the band was preparing for a new album. It would be released in 2006. Unfortunately, Kevin DuBrow's life would be cut short in 2007, as he died from a cocaine overdose.

    In 2010, the band reformed with singer Mark Huff, who was in a Van Halen tribute band, called 5150. But in 2012, Huff was awaiting brain surgery, and was replaced by ex-Montrose singer, Keith St. John, for upcoming shows. An unknown vocalist, Scott Vokoun replaced Huff. But in 2013, Scott parted ways, and was replaced by Love/Hate vocalist Jizzy Pearl. Their new album was released in 2014.

    Metal Health was the breakthrough album for Quiet Riot. They never achieved the same popularity afterwards. "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" and "Cum On Feel The Noize" will always be THE Quiet Riot songs to remember them by. I'm trying to remember, when I attended an outdoor concert around 2006, where Quiet Riot was one of the bands there, along with Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, and Slayer. Quiet Riot performed extremely well. It was just a shame that yes, another rock artist would die from a drug overdose. Kevin DuBrow had a great stage performance, as the videos of the two songs mention demonstrate. I often got this band confused with Twisted Sister, since their music is almost the same, sound wise, and each band's lead singer uniqueness. Although Quiet Riot has reformed with another singer, they will always be remembered with Kevin DuBrow.

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