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Bill Kelly
"Bread On The Waters"

© Spinart Productions < Rec Year of Release: 2007

track listing
  • Daddy Wouldn't Know
  • Yelling At You In My Head
  • Seraphima
  • Sleeping Lady
  • Knock Knock Joke
  • Steady As She Goes
  • Dream
  • What Do I Gotta Do
  • Potter's Field
  • Better Off Alone
  • You're Always
    Welcome Here

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    Bill Kelly
    "Bread On The Waters"

    Bill Kelly takes us to our independent artists WSVNRadio promoted, from it's Hall of Fame. Kelly appeared on Volume 19. The best way to describe his music, compares to a "laid back" Tom Petty. His album, Bread On The Water is a very impressive release, and after listening to this album, you can say that Bill Kelly is an overlooked artist. This is a fantastic album, and should be added to music collectors who enjoy such artists as Tom Petty, even Bruce Springsteen.

    For the Tom Petty fans, there are these songs, having not only Petty's style, and a more laid back approach. The opening track, "Daddy Wouldn't Know," "Yelling At You In My Head." A more common Petty style is also heard on "Seraphima."

    Now for the Springsteen fans: A laid back approach of Bruce is heard on "Sleeping Lady," likewise on "Potter's Field." A more folkish Bruce on "Steady As She Goes." Lastly, "Better Off Alone" has the common-sound of Bruce.

    Then there's the Petty and Springsteen combination... where these songs could be easily compared to both: "Dream," "What Do I Gotta Do" (more upbeat). and "You're Always Welcome Here."

    "Knock Knock Joke" is the 180 degree difference... It's more of a Country sound, different than that to Petty and Springsteen.

    Again, to mention... This is a fantastic album. Being compared to both Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen has to be a major highlight. Many fans of both, will definitely want to listen to Bill Kelly's music. Another musical genre term is "Americana," which is what Kelly's website was named after... This website is no longer online, yet you can find out more about him on ReverbNation, at You will find songs from Bread On The Water at this site, as well as other up-to-date tracks from him. His music is definitely worth checking out, for Americana, Petty and Springsteen fans. We are proud to have Bill Kelly as one of the many artists we have promoted, on our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame.

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    Previous Review: #1522
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