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Jessy J
"Hot Sauce"

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track listing
  • Remember The Night
  • Rio Grande
  • Hot Sauce
  • Rainbow Gold
  • Till You Make Up
    Your Mind
  • Meant To Be
  • We Kissed
  • Leave Right Now
  • In A Sentimental Mood
  • Last Night

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    Jessy J
    "Hot Sauce"

    As I review each of today's recent "Smooth Jazz" releases, I would have to say, that today's Smooth Jazz is (and if not should be) taking music by storm. This kind of Jazz is the most incredible, and relaxing music to enjoy to. And Jessy J is no exception. Her real name is Jessica Arellano, and the "J" stands for JAZZ. Another recent Jazz artist, Paul Brown, listened to her demo, and gave her a chance to tour with him. She soon afterwards made solo appearances, and has performed and toured with other Jazz artists, such as Jeff Lorber, Jeff Golub, Euge Groove, Paul Brown, and Gerald Albright. (All of the names mentioned have all earned #1 albums and/or tracks on Billboard's Jazz Charts. Likewise, Jessy J would also join this list, of having #1's to her credits. Jessy J is an instrumental artists, as her main instrument is the saxophone.

    Jessy J's Hot Sauce was a #1 album on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart for one week, in September of 2011. As this album should reach the top, it's a great album of Jazz and then some, in the appropriate style of today's Jazz.

    The opening track, "Remember The Night" easily fits the Smooth Jazz style, where "Rio Grande" has a more soulful feel, yet it is classified and easily referred to as Smooth Jazz. Upbeat Smooth Jazz gets it going on the title track. It has the feel of another upbeat song by Santana, "Guarjira." (from Santana III). "Rainbow Gold" could fit the Latin music formats, with its Jazzy and Latin upbeat feel. "Till You Make Up Your Mind" returns back to the relaxing Smooth Jazz sound. LIkewise, the upbeat Smooth Jazz sound is heard on "Meant To Be." "We Kissed" is another smooth romancer. There's a soulful touch on "Leave Right Now." Jessy J gets help from guest vocalist Saunders Sermons on "In A Sentimental Mood." (Other guests to mention on this album: Paul Brown, Joe Sample, Harvey Mason and Ray Parker Jr.) The album closes out with the upbeat "Last Night."

    Jessy J's music may be recognized to some, and largely not to others. Jazz/Smooth Jazz just may not be covered thoroughly enough. And it really should be. Upon listening to Jessy J and the likes of today's Jazz, there is no question, that this kind of music should get more and more exposure. Jessy J's Hot Sauce continued her success, as being a major Jazz musician. Hot Sauce would become her first #1 Jazz album. More would follow, especially on the Smooth Jazz Songs chart. (2 tracks; frpm Tequila Moon and True Love.)

    For all the Jazz lovers, Hot Sauce is as good as it's title. Great sounding Jazz, upbeat, and smooth romancers. If you haven't heard of Jessy J, she is highly recommended, to add to your Jazz/Smooth Jazz liking. With her incredible "resume" of fellow popular Jazz musicians who have performed with her, there's no doubt, that with all that talent, she is well talented in her own right. Hot Sauce get it. Enjoy it. Love it.

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