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B.B. King
"Deuces Wild"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • If You Love Me
    (With Van Morrison)
  • The Thrill Is Gone
    (with Tracy Chapman)
  • Rock Me Baby
    (with Eric Clapton)
  • Please Send Me Someone
    To Love
    (with Mick Hucknall)
  • Baby I Love You
    (with Bonnie Raiit)
  • Ain't Nobody Home
    (with D'Angelo)
  • There Must Be A Better
    World Somewhere
    (with Dr. John)
  • Confessin' The Blues
    (with Marty Stuart)
  • Paying The Cost
    To Be The Boss
    (with The
    Rolling Stones)
  • Dangerous Mood
    (with Joe Cocker)
  • Keep It Coming
    (with Heavy D)
  • Cryin' Won't Help You Babe
    (with David Gilmour &
    Paul Carrack)
  • Night Life
    (with Willie Nelson)

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    B.B. King
    "Deuces Wild"

    B.B. King's 1997 release, Deuces Wild, is really "Duets Wild." 13 great blues tracks, as he gets help with many well-known musicians. (The only one I wasn't familiar with, was Mick Hucknall. But I'll get to him, as I looked him up...) Most, if not all "Duets" albums are highly regarded: Tony Bennett, Reba McEntire, Barbara Streisand, the list goes on...)

    For those who know their Blues, B.B. King is a legend. He passed away in 2015, but he has left behind great music for all of us to enjoy, again and again. Helping out on this album were Van Morrison, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Mick Hucknall, Bonnie Raiit, D'Angelo, Dr. John, Marty Stuart, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Heavy D, David Gilmour & Paul Carrack, and Willie Nelson. Almost all the songs here I have heard of, but only a few I did not.

    Van Morrison leads the album off on "If You Love Me" a powerful tune, and one of many to listen to with repeated listens. Tracy Chapman helps out on the B.B. King classic, "The Thrill Is Gone." This one I remembered, as it received good airplay on the radio at the time of release. No duets blues album is complete without Eric Clapton. The classic "Rock Me Baby" is great on both sides of the coin -- that is, from both Eric and B.B.

    Mick Hucknall name may not be recognized, but the band he was in did -- Simply Red. They had two #1 hits "Holding Back The Years" and the remake of Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes' "If You Don't Know Me By Now." B.B. takes the lead very well on the duet with Mick, "Please Send Me Someone To Love." Bonnie Raitt helps on "Baby I love You." Bonnie Raitt - 'nuff said. (I believe Aretha Franklin did this song originally.)

    R&B artist helps on "Ain't Nobody Home," and B.B. gets the shine nod on this one. "There Must Be A Better World Somewhere" gets help from the legendary Dr. John -- His distinctive voice, for those who remember the Dr. You know it's him. Country artist Marty Stuart helps out, B.B. shines again, on "Confessin' The Blues," -- your typical B.B. King Blues number.

    One of my favorite B.B. King songs is "Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss." With the help from the Rolling Stones, B.B. does it again, as he outshines Mick and the boys, and is as good as the original. Joe Cocker, and his distinctive voice, and even B.B.'s on "Dangerous Mood," it's another good duet here.

    Even a common rapper gets the help with B.B. -- Heavy D (of Heavy D and the Boys) -- ok, so it's a rap track, and you either like it or not. "Cryin' Won't Help You Babe" gets the help from Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on guitar, and Paul Carrack, of bands Ace and Squeeze on vocals with B.B. The album closes with Willie Nelson, and a song that he wrote, "Night Life."

    Deuces Wild is a very-well done duet album from B.B. King. It was #1 on the Billboard Blues Album Chart in late 1997, for a total of 13 weeks. That's 13 songs, 13 weeks at #1. All the songs are equipped with powerful voices, and powerful guitars. B.B King had both of those, and with the help of others, just makes this album even more enjoyable.

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