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"Perfectly Clear"

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track listing
  • Stronger Woman
  • I Do
  • Love Is A Garden
  • Rosey And Mick
  • Anyone But You
  • Thump Thump
  • Two Become One
  • Till It Feels Like Cheating
  • Everything Reminds Me
    Of You
  • Loved By You
    (Cowboy Waltz)
  • Perfectly Clear

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    "Perfectly Clear"

    Jewel burst on the music scene in 1995, with her debut, Pieces Of You, with a huge hit, "Who Will Save Your Soul." Her sixth studio album would result as a County album in 2008, Perfectly Clear. This album reached #1 on the Billboard Country Chart. By the year 2008, Country had merged (so to speak) into a more Pop Country sound. Music artists who had started out as Pop and/or Rock would cross over to Country -- Darius Rucker, and Jewel.

    Jewel would take this chance, and quite honestly, Perfectly Clear starts out more of a Pop album (just as Taylor Swift did, when she started out as a "Country artist.") However, as Jewel's album keeps playing, the "Pop Country" sound starts building into how updated Country music should sound -- as Country, and not what Pop/Rock music sounds like.

    "Stronger Woman" would become the album's first single. It is "Pop Country." Likewise, the second single, "I Do," is more Pop than that of Country. Maybe a slight comparision to Rosanne Cash's song, "Seven Year Ache." (Cash of course, daughter of Johnny, had a much better Country sound, than of Jewel.) Pop Country has the sound again, on the next track, "Love Is A Garden."

    But then, all of a sudden, this album becomes "Country" (!!!) "Rosey And Mick" may sound "Pop Country" for some, however it fits today's Country playlists. "Anyone But You" gets quite better; much better than "Rosey And Mick." Definitely. "Thump Thump" keeps the Country sound flowing, as this track could be recorded by Carrie Underwood. "Two Become One" is another good "Country" tune, as this one could have been recorded by Shania Twain.

    The album's third single, "Till It Feels Like Cheating" is "Country," but not as good-to-great as the previous "Country" tunes mentioned. "Everything Reminds Me Of You" is Country'ish, and Shania Twain'ish as well. Likewise the same for "Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz." It may sound like today's "Pop Country," yet it fits the Country playlists. Ending the album is the title track -- another "Pop Country" fitting the Country stations.

    Jewel's Perfectly Clear starts out as Pop, but it ends on a very high note, being that of what today's Country should really sound like. Sure, there are a lot of "Pop Country" overtones throughout the entire album. But towards the end, it all fits what we now hear on Country radio. Having a comparison to that of Shania Twain, Shania is definitely Country. Jewel proves she can be Country, (at least sounding like it) and turning the heads of those were used to her previous non-Country albums released. Shania Twain, yes. Carrie Underwood, yes. Taylor Swift? Yes, but way better. Perfectly Clear, this Jewel album will be enjoyed with repeated listens. She does a very good job at her first attempt at Country. John Rich (of Big & Rich Country fame), along with Jewel, were the album's producers. Jewel would release another Country album two years later (2010), entitled Sweet And Wild.

    Perfectly Clear is Pop Country, and more Country. It fits today's Country. It's a good Country album to enjoy.

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    Previous Review: #1607
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