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"Juve The Great"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • Intro
  • In My Life
  • Enemy Turf
  • Outside Skit
  • Bounce Back
  • Down South Posted
  • It Ain't Mines
  • Numb Numb
  • Lil Daddy
  • F----n' With Me
  • Cock It
  • Club Skit
  • Juve The Great
  • Head In Advance
  • For Everybody
  • At The Door Skit
  • Slow Motion

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    "Juve The Great"

    Rapper Juvenile has this week's album pick. His album Juve The Great contains his #1 hit, "Slow Down." (Which isn't a bad rap song, it's tolerable to listen to, for those music fans who aren't too fond of Rap music in general. However, his Juve The Great is your typical rap album, containing vulgar language. Listening to the grooves alone from this album has potential, however it's the lyrics here, that you would never hear on the common radio airwaves. Why?? Because of the lyrics. Vulgar. The "F" word for starters.

    But this is what Rap music consists of. Vulgar lyrics, sex, violence; rappers telling stories from their personal lives. Most of their stories are from tough upbringings, and personal experiences. Rap songs such as this would never get radio airplay exposure, yet Rap music has been a popular source music (whether we all like rap or not), since the end of the 20th Century.

    There are the typical stories of common rap songs, such as "It Ain't Mines," telling the story of sex -- where being falsely accused of impregnating a woman. "Numb Numb" is catchy, although the lyrics states of drugs, and a stand out for the effects of taking them. Then there is the vulgarity word, the "F" word, in "F****n' With Me." And "Bounce Back" has some potential, being catchy as well. It's these songs, and the #1 hit "Slow Motion" that will get the most attractions. They are catchy, the have the groove sounds, and some have the content that "this is a real story? Comedical? But the lyrics do tell stories in the common world of Rap, and it's Rap artists involved.

    But as for the rest of the album, they are your common Rap sounds and stories, that just seem to sound the same. "Slow Motion," "It Ain't Mines," "Numb Numb" "F****n' With Me," "Bounce Back" are the standouts. Some Rap songs you have to take in consider, that this is what today's young youth are listening to. Take into stride, these are the songs and stories of today. Give the rappers credit for their experiences set to music. It's their ways of expressing themselves, in their own musical style and their own characters. Juvenile's Juve The Great may not be for everyone. It has it's moments. It's Rap. It's the music of today.

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    Previous Review: #1696
    Annie Lennox--Nostalgia
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