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The Jonas Brothers
"A Little Bit Longer"

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track listing
  • BB Good
  • Burnin' Up
  • Shelf
  • One Man Show
  • Lovebug
  • Tonight
  • Can't Have You
  • Video Girl
  • Pushin' Me Away
  • Sorry
  • Got Me Goin' Crazy
  • A Little Bit Longer

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    The Jonas Brothers
    "A Little Bit Longer"

    Ah, the Jonas Brothers... Boy Bands/Boy Groups. Somewhere in our music history we encounter the nerdy groups who somehow, have taken over the younger crowd. Just as their predecessors, such as the New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, 'NSync, (who I thought were better than those that would follow). The Jonas Brothers had two albums before A Little Bit Longer. This album marks the debut of the Jonas' and also, this album would become their first (and not the last) to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart.

    "BB Good" starts out the album, and quite honestly, it's a rocking tune. (Ok, I now have your attention, Jonas Bros and fans...; however, the ending of this song couild have been better, than it's abrupt end.) "Burnin' Up" doesn't really "burn" for me. It's kinda chessy, but then again, this is Boy Band material. "Shelf" is better than "Burnin' Up," but "BB Good" is better. "Shelf" has a good rock sound, but I've heard better.

    Rockin' again is the next tune, "One Man Show." The sound is there, but at this point, are the Jonas Brothers' vocals matching? Is the sound of the Jonas Brothers Rock, or Alternative Rock? I would say more on the Rock side, Alternative is a little darker. "Lovebug" slows down the pace a bit, (yet it has it's upbeat moments), and it's another cheesy sounding tune. Pass.

    "Tonight" is another Rock moment. (Now, I am getting the idea of how this album's sound is going... Not bad...)

    "Can't Have You" stars out on a slower-pace than other tunes, yet kicks into another (good) Rock style. This song has potential; it's good. "Video Girl" sounds like a nerdy Boy Band song would sound like. Nerdy, Hokey. I guess it's fits "today's sound for today's pre-teen/teen youngsters." And "Pushin' Me Away" "pushes me away" (lol), as it is another song for today's pre-teen/teenagers. "Sorry" -- So am I. It's a song that probably make the young girls (of today) cry, yet squeal with delight, because the Jonas Brothers are representing the music of today's youngters.

    "Got Me Going Crazy" should get youngsters hopping. That's what it sounds like -- Hopping Rock. Ending the album is the title track. A medium-paced Rock styled song. Pass.

    I dunno... The Rock (and some of it does rock pretty hard) -- If Green Day got together with The Jonas Brothers, this is what they would probably sound like. (In looking up the Jonas Brothers' musical style: Rock (yes, for sure), Pop Rock (common), Pop Punk (Green Day comparison!), Power Pop (ok, that's a new one). Yet it's not exactly like Green Day, of course. It's those harder rock songs that has that somewhat Green Day sound. And there are those songs that would fit for today's youngsters. There weren't any Boy Bands around when I was in my teens. Luckily, all the music around that time (the 1970s) had such a wide variety to choose from. Today's music is so much different, and for us old folks who enjoy music, there isn't any comparisons. The music of the 20th Century was far better than that of today. Yet, music does change, and the music has always been for the young. I am sure today's youngsters really enjoy The Jonas Brothers, and other groups and artists in today's music age. Let us not forget for those youngsters liking today's Hip-Hop/Rap. Yeah, I get it. We either like it or not. Remember when Rock and Roll first started, the young crowd loved it, while parents and older folks back then pretty much hated it. That part of any generation will never change. As much as I enjoy music throughout my life, it is interesting to see how music changes. For the good and bad of it.

    There were three singles from this album: "Burnin' Up," "Lovebug," "Tonight" -- Pass, Pass, Oh, that one is not bad; the "best" of the three, IMO.

    There are some good moments on A Little Bit Longer by the Jonas Brothers. The "harder rock" songs are considered the better, and yes, some of those cheesy tunes just may be as good. But in all, this album is for the younger crowd. A Little Bit Longer and their next two studio albums reached #1: Lines, Vines And Trying Times (2009), Happiness Begins (2019). Wow, a 10-year jump -- During 2010 and 2011, they pursued solo projects. Then they broke up in 2013. They reunited in 2019. Their song "Sucker" reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, becoming their first #1 hit, and would be included on their 2019 album, "Happiness Begins."

    Like many Boy Bands, they get the big impact and popularity. But, are they just as good as the others? Obviously, it's the music, and the good looks that gets them. And watching them all grow up. Recently, the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block released new albums -- Backstreet Boys: DNA, 2019; New Kids On The Block: 10, 2013) These two groups are now in their forties and early fifties. As these two groups are much older, the "young crowd" that enjoyed both these groups were most likely excited upon their return. As for the Jonas, Kevin (the extra-brooding one), Joe (the extra-quirky one), and Nick (the extra-hunky one) are in their twenties to early thirty. The 10-year jump for the Jonas proved their career even brighter: Not only another #1 album, but their first #1 hit emerged from it. The Jonas Brothers are still young. It will be interesting if they will continue recording, or wait (again) to record.

    A Little Bit Longer would become the Jonas Brothers' breakthrough album, as they made their name famous on the music scene. The youngsters of today love them, where us older folks probably like them or not. (Rolling of the eyes moment.) But they are part of music history. Boy Group history. For us older folks, we just may go back and compare to that of Backstreet Boyis, New Kids On The Block, 'NSync... Or, can we go back to what we really like ... ROCK & ROLL ??

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