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"No One Is Really Beautiful"

© Maverick/Reprise Records

Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • You Mama You
  • Charlie Says
  • I'm Sorry Now
  • Rick James
  • Battern Broken
  • I Do
  • Prophet
  • Out Of L.A.
  • I Know
  • She Gets The Feeling
  • George
  • Brad And Suzy
  • The Asshole Song

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    "No One Is Really Beautiful"

    From the "Goodwill Collection" ... Jude is one of those "discover" artists. You've never heard of him, but when you listen to his music, you're like, "woah... this guy is really Good..." No One Is Really Beautiful" may have a misleading title, but don't let it fool you. This album is simply fantastic. Every song is great, and it's really hard to just pick one that stands out. No One Is Really Beautiful was Jude's second album, his first on a major label, Maverick. This label was owned by Madonna. From his first album, 430 N. Harper Ave., four songs were re-recorded for his second album: "Out Of L.A.," "You Mama You," "George" and "Prophet." As for radio play, two songs from No One Is Really Beautiful were on selected stations throughout the U.S.: "I'm Sorry Now" and "Rick James." Even better, another song from the album was featured on the movie soundtrack City Of Angels, starring Nick Cage and Meg Ryan. That song was "I Know." This song was also in the television show House (Hugh Laurie). And another impressive mention, another song, "I Do" was included in several television shows, such as Dawson's Creek and Felicity. He has also provided songs in other television shows and films. Jude toured with such popular artists as Alanis Morissette, Ben Folds Five, The Cranberries, Dido, Tori Amos, Better Than Ezra, Train, and Chris Isaak. What a very impressive report card for Jude, and with all of these accomplishments, it's no wonder that his first major label album would be an album that everyone should listen to. From my knowledge, this wasn't the case, and finding this album at Goodwill, this album (and soon, many others from Goodwill), will be an album that is definitely worth listening to, and to also point out, that this album, No One Is Really Beautiful by Jude, should be in your own collection.

    "You Mama You" has been mentioned from other reviews to be the kind of song, not to be that of a leadoff track. Why? It's one of few songs having a "lighter sound" than others. With it's Paul Simon'ish sound, Jude's fast-paced vocals gets the attention. A good leadoff track? Yes, and this album only gets better and better. The next three songs are more of a powerful Rock style: "Charlie Says" just may have a possible grunge style. The next two songs are also good Rock tracks, "I'm Sorry Now" and the song regarding the Super Freak himself, "Rick James."

    A different direction (and a good one) points to the next two tracks, "light rock," with the acoustic "Battered Broken," and the song that is one of the best tunes on the album (as many), "I Do." "Prophet" and "Out Of L.A." (which was in the television show Men Of A Certain Age) two more good songs. These songs are familiar to those of Jack Johnson, and (maybe) Dave Matthews. "I Know" is mellow, yet another good track, and towards the end, it has a Prince-feel about it.

    Soulful gets the approach on "She Gets The Feeling" -- as in the leadoff track, "You Mama You," it has lyrics that just "fly" and fast-paced. Very impressive. "George" is acoustic, and has a folk'ish sound. Back to the Rock style for "Brad And Suzy." Jude's vocals reminds me of Shawn Mullins and his style on this track. The last track is entitled "The Asshole Song." (No, this is not the same as the novelty song.) This song has a "Mr. Bojangles" feel, with its very laid back sound. Jude claims that "he is the asshole." As heard in the lyrics: "And I won't watch you cry / Goodbye / I'm an asshole" (It's great that the cd booklet included all lyrics to the songs.)

    The music of Jude's No One Is Really Beautiful is compared to many artists. It easily fits today's Rock. This album released in 1998. His music easily fits with the other artists of the '90s -- Dave Matthews, Shawn Mullins, and in later years, Jack Johnson. I'm sure there are other artists to compare to, that I can't think of. It all works. This album is a must for your collection. His real name is Michael Jude Christodal. He does have other albums released. And in reading the other reviews of No One Is Really Beautiful, they are all very positive. Likewise, his other albums have positive reviews as well. Jude has a great singing voice too. He certainly can hit the high notes. Unfortunately, he does not have a main website. He is listed on information sites, such as Wikipedia, and other "encyclopedia-type" sites. One such site with additional info, is this one.

    Like I did, "discover" Jude. Madonna saw talent, and Jude certainly does have that. A great major release album. Jude has the talent, (Madonna saw it). The voice, (with his fast-paced singing of lyrics, I can hear him sing the remake of the 1970s classic hit by Reunion, "Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me).") And great songs. No One Is Really Beautiful has all this. Discover this album, by Jude.

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    Yello--One Second
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    Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway--Roberta Flack And Donny Hathaway