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King Virtue
"Story In My Head"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Undertow
  • Failure Burned My Song
  • Cruel World
  • Hush Little Boy
    Don't Say A Word
  • Planets Collide
  • Season Of Pain
  • Pure
  • Neighbors
  • Leck
  • Now He's Not
  • The Flood
  • Only Makes Me Blue
  • Story In My Head

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    King Virtue
    "Story In My Head"

    King Virtue was one of many artists that WSNRadio promoted on The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame. King Virtue's "Time Bomb" was from Volume 1. "Time Bomb" Was from his Driven: Songs Vol. 2 album. Story In My Head was the next album he sent to us, released in 1999. Upon my review, here is another review, from Amazon: Story in My Head is a confessional-styled piano/pop/rock ensemble that includes a variety of tracks. Themes include sadness, heartbreak, and the will to survive after tragedy. "Undertow," "Failure Burned My Song," and "Story In My Head" are a few of the many highlights on this album. I do remember "Undertow" getting the highlight from this album. One thing I have learned, from promoting the many artists for our Hall of Fame, is that the CDs they sent to us, were "burned" or "homemade." In preparing Story In My Head to be reviewed, my copy was unreadable, even though I could see the contents of all the songs in Microsoft Windows' Media Player. So, with the Google search, I was able to retreive a another copy of this album online, the full album. I went ahead and pieced out all 13 tracks (as the mp3 I downloaded contained ALL 13 tracks as one mp3), then made a new CD copy.

    "Undertow" is quite gripping. It's a different approach in music you don't normally hear. "Failure Burned My Song" sounds sad, with its piano overtones. "Cruel World" is the next track, as with its title, the "sadness, heartbreak, and tragedy" continuing. The moodyness of the music as well, the eerie piano (again). "Hush Little Boy Don't Say A Word" is energetic, yet mysterious in sound. The lyrics are in despair - "You're nothing more than a useles f**k-up." Selfish. There's a slight Danzig vocalization in there.

    "Planets Collide" is another song as "avant garde"; it's different in sound than you may have never heard. (The same goes for the previous track, "Hush Little Boy Don't Say A Word.") Picture yourself on a roller coaster ride, than never ends, is the feeling you get when listening to this tune. The eerie piano returns with "Season Of Pain," a song of sadness and despair (again). That piano now reminds me of what you hear at a carnival (carney music). "Pure" continues in trying to find the roadway ahead and trying to make of it. King says "leave me alone" on "Neighbors." A cry for self-hopelessness? "Leck" definitely has the heavy Alternative feel, mysterious, Nine Inch Nails'ish. Maybe even Nirvana'ish. Grunge? Yet it's powerful in sound. "Now He's Not" has that uniqueness sound about it, just as many of the other songs. "The Flood" has the eerie piano again, and it has the moodyness of a song that Nirvana could have recorded. "Only Makes Me Blue" is also unique, and the title track. In conclusion, Story In My Head definitely fits its title. The stories in King Virtue's head - What are they? What are the stories behind the songs? The sadness. The heartbreak. Tragedy. Survival.

    These are the storylines behind the songs on this album. King Virtue puts these serious topics to tunes. It may not be for everyone. But for some, all of these not-so-happy topics needs to be put into words and music. And King Virtue does just that. His website (facebook page) describes his music as a mix of Alternative, Dance and Pop/Rock. More on the Alternative side for the most part. His music on this album is quite unique, and quite interesting. There's never a dull moment on Story In My Head. But we do see what is inside the mind of King Virtue, and his stories told in music on this particular album. 12 albums, including an EP, and Christmas album in the notes when I received this album, as his Driven and Christmas album were sent here. Likewise, Story In My Head is an intriguing album. Intriguing to the point of your interest. King Virtue's interest. His music. His Stories. His Mind. In his head.

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