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Elton John
"The Big Picture"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Long Way
    From Happiness
  • Live Like Horses
  • The End Will Come
  • If The River Can Bend
  • Love's Got A Lot
    To Answer For
  • Something About
    The Way You
    Look Tonight
  • The Big Picture
  • Recover Your Soul
  • January
  • I Can't Steer My Heart
    Clear Of You
  • Wicked Dreams

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    Elton John
    "The Big Picture"

    Elton John has returned this week, with his 1997 release, The Big Picture. As he is touring for the final time, he has had an incredible journey in music, spanning 50 years. Ever since his start in the 1970s, he was unique, and quite gifted. He got better in the decades to come. His best decade was the 1970s, having many #1 hits and #1 albums. Although the '70s were his peak years, he still was able to achieve greatness in his music that followed. The 1980s were another good decade for him, as he achieved more hits, yet he didn't accomplish as many #1 hits and #1 albums. He didn't have to. Those 1980s hits are just as memorable as the 1970s. They didn't hit #1 either, but we'll always remember the '80s hits such as "Little Jeannie," "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," "I'm Still Standing," "Sad Songs (Say So Much)," and "I Don't Want To Go On With You Like That." (Of course, there are other hits to mention from his 1980s decade.) From the 1990s, the one song that stood out was his tribute song to Lady Diana -- his rework of his 1970s hit, "Candle In The Wind 1997." Lady Diana died in a car accident, and as sad as the redone "Candle" song was, it would return Elton John to the #1 position. The flip side of "Candle" was a song that also reached #1 -- "Something About The Way You Look Tonight," from this week's review, The Big Picture.

    Elton John has come a long way -- his musical style on The Big Picture has himself having his own sound. Compared to Adult Contemporary, he still develops his own style. The opening track, "Long Way From Happiness" has the A/C sound, yet when you hear the next track, "Live Like Horses," not only could it also be compared to A/C, it's theatrical. It has it's own sound, giving Elton John his own creation of his music. "The End Will Come" continues that "sound." The next song has that, and is even better - "If The River Can Bend."

    "Love's Got A Lot To Answer For" is more mellow in sound, compared to the others heard. Yet, this song is also quite good. It follows with the #1 hit, "Something About The Way You Look Tonight." Another great song. The beginning piano intro to the next tune, "The Big Picture" (title track) is inspiring to that of the original "Candle In The Wind." And throughout this song, another good track.

    And, like many songs by Elton John, "Recover Your Soul" is a very impressive tune, matching Adult Contemporary. "January" continues "Elton John's own sound, likewise "I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You." The closing tune, "Wicked Dreams" has the rockin Elton John sound, as heard from his 1980s hits.

    The Big Picture has a "big picture" of good music. It's quite obvious. It's an Elton John album. He brings his own unqiueness to the plate on this album. Elton John will be ending his touring this year, but the question remains -- "Will he continue recording new music?" We will have to wait, and see.

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