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World Party

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • It Is Time
  • Beautiful Dream
  • Call Me Up
  • Vanity Fair
  • She's The One
  • (Vocal Interlude)
  • Curse Of The
    Mummy's Tomb
  • Hercules
  • Love Is Best
  • Rolling Off A Log
  • Strange Groove
  • The Whole Of The Night
  • Piece Of Mind
  • This World
  • Always

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    Florida Georgia Line--Can't Say I Ain't Country
    World Party

    For those who remember the band World Party, my knowledge of this band was their hit "Ship Of Fools," from their 1986 (debut) album, Private Revolution. "Ship Of Fools" would be the only song that I would have known by them, although they would release a total of five albums, from 1986 - 2000. Egyptology was the band's fourth album, released in 1997. What is interesting from this particular album, were the singles that would be released. "Beautiful Dreams" would be a Top 40 British hit (#31). However, it would be their (original) version of "She's The One" that would be more famous by another British/English artist, Robbie Williams. Williams would accomplish his version of this song to #1 on the British pop charts, and would win several awards. "She's The One" was written by World Party member, Karl Wallinger. Out of curiosity, since I was familiar with "Ship Of Fools," Egyptology was at one of the Goodwill stores, I picked up this album, curious to hear more of this band's music.

    Opening the Egyptology album is "Is It Time." It has a somewhat nostalgic sound, almost Beatle'ish. "Beautiful Dream" does have the quality of a hit single, and much better than the album's opening track. "Call Me Up" is another good Pop-flavored tune, having a Paul McCartney solo quality, likewise, Wallinger's vocals does have a McCartney comparison. Compared to the first 3 tracks, "Vanity Fair" is very different, and has a mysterious sound to it; it is another good Pop track.

    Then there's "She's The One" - a beautiful ballad, as Robbie Williams would make it more famous. Wallinger would write, about this song: I was so lucky that Robbie recorded "She's The One" because it allowed me to keep going [after his aneurysm in 2000]. He nicked my pig and killed it but gave me enough bacon to live on for four years. He kept my kids in school and me in Seaview [Wallinger's recording studio] and for that I thank him. Although Egyptology was not a commercial success, Wallinger was upset that the record label (Chrysalis) used "She's The One" as a vehicle for Williams. Due to this disagreement with Wallinger over the song, Egyptology was World Party's last album on the Chrysalis label.

    "(Vocal Interlude)" is a short lead-in to "Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb," another Beatle'ish tune, as it could have been recorded during The Beatles' recordings of Magical Mystery Tour. "Hercules" has more of a John Lennon style, almost bluesy, it is another good Pop track. "Love Is Best" defines another good Pop track - Pop Gold. Each song is just getting better and better...

    "Rolling Off A Log" is one of those songs that is just amazing. It is powerful, and has a sound that you don't normally hear. It's theatrical, it's one of those "WOW" songs. Just pure magic. And there nothing strange about "Strange Groove" -- it does have a GREAT and movin' groove.

    The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's/Magical Mystery Tour atmosphere has the next track, "The Whole Of The Night." More of the great Pop sound for Wallinger and World Party; this track has a slight comparison to Bob Dylan (?). Not exactly, though, yet Dylan could probably pull it off, if he did this song. Except for the high notes, of course. (NOTE: On World Party's Private Revolution, there are songs that are similar to Dylan) "This World" is a mellow-down styled song; it's a good wind-down towards the end of the album. Ending the album, is "Always" - it's another nice upbeat Pop-styled track.

    World Party's Egyptology is a Pop classic. Although this album didn't get high ratings, yet World Party fans enjoyed this album. And for Pop music fans, this is a great album. It has the nostalgia of the later years of The Beatles (from their Sgt. Pepper's / Magical Mystery Tour, and has the great sound of Pop throughout the entire album. By far, Egyptology is much better than Private Revolution. "Ship Of Fools" just may have been their most popular hit (from my knowledge), but it's hard to learn that the tracks from Egyptology were not hits of their own for World Party. That being said, this album is a great Pop album. It has all the qualities of how a Pop album should sound.

    Taken from a review of Egyptology : Egyptology now stands as one of the great missed opportunites in '90s pop music. Taken on its music alone, it's a great guitar pop album, and certainly among World Party's finest. It also serves as a warning of what can happen to a great record if it goes against what the tastemakers consider to be what their readers should be listening to.

    What is said on the jewel case sticker of Egyptology says it all: You are now holding the new WORLD PARTY album. The last one caame out four years ago. It was great. This one's better. Buy it now. You won't be disappointed.

    Not forgotten is so true. This album may have been negatively reviewed when it was released, and considered a forgotten album. It is not, this is a hidden gem of an album, that is great to listen to, and has a great Pop sound. World Party's Egyptology maybe a "lost gem," but it can easily be rediscovered again. Rediscover it, or discover it for your first time. Egyptology is a hidden gem. Discover it, and like the sticker on the jewel case clearly says - You will not be disappointed.

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    Florida Georgia Line--Can't Say I Ain't Country