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Wakeman With Wakeman
"No Expense Spared"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • No Expense Spared
  • Dylic
  • It's Your Move
  • No One Cares
  • Luck Of The Draw
  • Dream The World Away
  • Is It The Spring
  • Nothing Ever Changes
  • Number 10
  • Jungle
  • Children Of Chernobyl
  • Find The Time

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    Wakeman With Wakeman
    "No Expense Spared"

    Once again, we review another album from the solo career of Keyboardist/musician, Rick Wakeman. This week is his 1993 release, No Expense Spared. This album has Wakeman, along with his son, Adam, credited as Wakeman With Wakeman. The father and son duo has also recorded other albums, such as Wakeman With Wakeman: The Official Bootleg, and others.

    Opening up the album, is the title track, and it's a Rock-styled tune, with plenty of keyboards (by Rick, of course), and vocals (provided by Chrissie Hammond & Adam Wakeman). It's a song that could be performed by Rick Wakeman's former band, Yes. The next tune, "Dylic" is another great Progressive Rock sounding tune. It's an instrumental, with keyboards handled by both father and son, Rick and Adam.

    Chrissie Hammond gets the lead vocals on "It's Your Move," and it's another great Rock-styled song. It's style can be compared to that of another great band, Survivor, and likewise, Progressive Rock. Things slow down a bit on "No One Cares," and it has Prince's song "Purple Rain" feel to it. Chrissie Hammond has the main vocal, with Adam accompaining additional vocals. It's a simply beautiful song. Another reminder song (especially on the vocals), is .38 Special's "Second Chance."

    "Luck Of The Draw" is another instrumental, and it's also a Rock-styled track. It's one of those songs, where you can imagine yourself on the tropical beaches. The theme from the TV show Miami Vice comes to mind. Adam has the main vocals, Chrissie with additional vocals, on the 1980s-styled track, "Dream The World Away." It's almost like a ballad, and it works very well.

    "Is It The Spring" is another fantastic Progressive Rock instrumental, with great keyboard intrumentation by father Rick. "Nothing Ever Changes" is another powerful Rock track, with Chrissie on vocals. The keyboards are handled by both father and son, with Adam on main keys, and Rick on the mini moog. "Number 10" is also another powerful Progressive Rock track, and another great instrumental. "Jungle" does have the jungle-effect, it's quite different in sound, compared to the other tracks. Although it is considered a Rock track, it does have its uniqueness. Chrissie provides the vocals on this one.

    "Children Of Chernobyl" is another slow-paced tune, and just as always, it's beautifully recorded. It's another high-quality instrumental, provided by the one and only Rick Wakeman. Like other songs on this album (and others), this is truly another great musical genere and sound, New Age music. Ending the album is "Find The Time," a very upbeat Rock track.

    Wakeman With Wakeman's No Expense Spared has it all -- Rock, Progressive Rock, New Age. Rick Wakeman's collaborations with his son Adam, and Chrissie Hammond have always been highly recommended. Another musician on this album (and has been on other Wakeman albums), is Tony Fernandez. He is the drummer on this album, and for another great album in which he was with Rick Wakeman -- Zodiaque. All of the songs on No Expense Spared were written by Rick and Wakeman, together, and seperately. As mentioned, Adam provided his vocal abilities as well. No Expense Spared is a fantastic album, and adds another great listen, for the Wakeman fans.

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