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Year of Release: 1973

track listing
  • Keep Yourself Alive
  • Doing All Right
  • Great King Rat
  • My Fairy King
  • Liar
  • The Night Comes Down
  • Modern Times
    Rock 'N' Roll
  • Son And Daughter
  • Jesus
  • Seven Seas Of Rhye
  • Mad The Swine
  • Keep Youeself Alive
    (Long Lost Re-Take)
  • Liar (1991 Bonus Remix)

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    The year was 1973 - a new band had arrived with their debut album, and the music world was introduced to a singer would become a legend - Freddie Mercury and his band, Queen. Their self-titled Queen album includes "Keep Yourself Alive," and that title definitely would keep them alive throughout the 1970s and 1980s decades.

    As "Keep Yourself Alive" would be the very first song to hear when Queen first emerged onto the music scene, it was a hard-hitting great rock track. The next song, "Doing All Right" starts out very mellow. And, being that this band was from England, it definitely has that British sound. The soft guitars of "Doing All Right" kinda reminds me of the Allman Brothers Band's "Melissa." But, "Doing All Right" does kick into high gear Rock. The title of this song does fit - Queen is going to be all right, starting in their musical career. "Great King Rat" once again, kicks into high gear, and it's sound would begin a trend in the traditional (and theatrical) Queen sound. "My Fairy King" continues what would become the traditional Queen sound, not only sounding British, yet also theatrical. Another musical term comes to mind, the "Rock Opera," even Classical, with its great perfection piano.

    "Liar" is next, and yet another great and powerful track. "The Night Comes Down" has another great theatrical Queen sound. Likewise, the next (and short in length, compared to the others) "Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll.' "Son And Daughter" is definitely a much harder Rock track, making it equally as great and powerful as the other tracks from this album. Everything works great on "Jesus" -- the music, the vocals from the band, and of course, Freddie's lead vocal. "Seven Seas Of Rhye" is another short track, and an instrumental.

    The 1991 reissue of Queen's debut by Hollywood Records provides the previously unreleased "Mad The Swine," a softer sounding track, yet it also would define Queen's future sound. There is also the long lost re-take of "Keep Yourself Alive," and it's really no different than it's original. The bonus remix of "Liar" by John Luongo and Gary Hellman ends the album.

    An incredible debut by Queen, they would just become better and better with their future releases to come. Of course, we all know how that went. Queen would become one of the best bands of the 1970s and 1980s decades. Also known was their talented lead singer, Freddie Mercury. He made Queen. The band also featured the incredible guitar works of Brian May. Sadly, we all knew what happened to Freddie, and we can only imagine how much more great music Queen would have achieved. Of ocurse, there was the Live Aid concert, where Freddie basically stole the show, and was the concert's main highlight. Little did we know, that Freddie's future would become limited, as he passed away of HIV/AIDS in 1991. Thanks for the great Queen music, Freddie. Listen the the debut of Queen, and how it all started. The music of Freddie Mercury and Queen will always live on.

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