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Edgar Winter's
White Trash

"Edgar Winter's
White Trash"

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Year of Release: 1971

track listing
  • Give It Everything You Got
  • Fly Away
  • Where Would I Be
  • Let's Get It On
  • I've Got News For You
  • Save The Planet
  • Dying To Live
  • Keep Playin' That
    Rock 'N' Roll
  • You Were My Light
  • Good Morning Music

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    Edgar Winter's White Trash
    "Edgar Winter's White Trash"

    Back to when I had many 45 rpm records, one of them was Edgar Winter's White Trash's "Give It Everything You Got." For those who remember him, he was most famous with his #1 instrumental, "Frankenstein" from They Only Come Out At Night (credited as The Edgar Winter Group). However, "Give It Everything You Got" is a power Rock song. So it was obvious to find this song from the White Trash's orignal album. And, like most 45s released as singles, the self-titled Edgar Winter's White Trash album track is the "long version" -- clocking in at over 4 minutes and a half in duration. (An extra verse, and an instrumental part was the extra, compared to the single; pretty much the same for the album version of "Frankenstein." Powerful vocals and an incredible horn section on this one. And the guitars are quite exceptional also.

    The Edgar Winter's White Trash released three albums as this group's name - their self-titled album was released in 1971, Roadwork in 1972, and Recycled in 1977. It's quite obvious why the name was different than that of another entourage of musicians. His White Trash was more soulful, with its horns and from the 1970s, two other bands were in this mode -- the early Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Ides Of March, and Chase. Soulful voices with a great horn ensemble were all in these bands - and to add another one to that list, would be The Edgar Winter's White Trash. Likewise, we can add another talent - "The White James Brown" - Wayne Cochran.

    Sharing the vocals in this band, were Edgar Winter, and Jerry Lacroix. They co-wrote most of the songs. Also performing on this album is Rick Derringer. He played guitar on "I've Got News For You" and "Good Morning Music." Better yet, he was the producer of this album.

    The album kicks off with "Give It Everything You Got," giving you a quite rush of full attention. The intro of "Fly Away" could be an early Elton John song, however, it's the soulfu vocals that gets the highlight, soulful and gospel'ish. More soulful vocals and great horns on the next track, "Where Would I Be." Likewise, the soulful vocals continues on "Let's Get It On." The soulfulness of the Blues gets the full force on the next track, "I've Got News For You." More on the Gospel side, "Save The Planet" mixes Soul and Gospel, and the vocals are strong. This is a song that Wayne Cochran could have sang, with his powerful and soulful voice.

    "Dying To Live" is a nice and pleasant tune, full with the soul vocals. "Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll" is just what it is - Rock N Roll. This song is definitely a Rick Derringer-produced song. Rock N Roll. has the bluesy vocals, easily fitting the style of Blood, Sweat & Tears, and their soulful vocalist, David Clayton-Thomas. And ending the album is "Good Morning Music" - a great gospel'ish tune, with nice piano. It's another fine pleasant tune, and is easily compared to the early Elton John, and his early hit, "Take Me To The Pilot."

    Edgar Winter proved more ways than one, to show his Soul (and Gospel) side with his band, Edgar Winter's White Trash. Far different than "Frankenstein" with the Edgar Winter Group. Rock N Roll couldn't be any better with this White Trash album, the first of three they would record. Great vocals, great horns, great guitars, great all around. This is an album that will easily be enjoyed by Rock N Roll, Blues and Gospel fans. The vocals throughout this album are powerful. The vocals have that great grittiness. Edgar Winter and Jerry Lacroix provide great, great vocals. This album will definitely get Rock fans attentions. They certainly Give It Everything They Got. They Keep Playin' That Rock N Roll... And me, and you... Will like it. I certainly do.

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