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April Wine

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Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • I Like To Rock
  • Say Hello
  • Tonite
  • Ladies Man
  • Before The Dawn
  • Babes In Arms
  • Better Do It Well
  • 21st Century
    Schizoid Man

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    April Wine

    Canadian Rockers April Wine returns to the WSVNRadio website this week, with their 1979, release, Harder...Faster. As the title states, April Wine provides hard-rock, played in a harder and faster style, just as many of their albums released, before and afterwards.

    "I Like To Rock" definitely has the hard-rock any classic rock fan would enjoy. It also has the brief riff of The Beatles' "Day Tripper" intro (which a lot of bands love to use in their songs). "Say Hello" is a slower tune (as in "I Like To Rock"), as it captures April Wine being in the category of Classic Rock Album Oriented Rock. "Tonite" starts out as a ballad, as heard in the Monster Ballads format, yet it kicks into another hard-rocker, April Wine style, and changes back to the ballad format. And if you enjoy the hard-rock sound of "I Like To Rock," then "Ladies Man," likewise "Better Do It Well" will be other rockin' rockin' tunes to enjoy.

    Like "Tonite," "Before The Dawn" starts out slow, then kicks into another hard-rocker. "Babes In Arms" is another song, in the hard-rock vein. The album's closing song, is a remake of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man." It's a very psychedelic rocker, and April Wine captures their own style with this appropriate version, with the loud and screeching guitar leads and solos.

    April Wine has their own unique hard-rock style. Their music is best heard on Album Oriented Rock radio station formats. Harder...Faster is a very interesting album, as it proves for the hard-rock 1970s fan (such as the early REO Speedwagon, The Kind [1980s Chicago local band]), and even fans of Southern Rock (Molly Hatchet), will enjoy.

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