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Phil Collins
"Face Value"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • In The Air Tonight
  • This Must Be Love
  • Behind The Lines
  • The Roof Is Leaking
  • Droned
  • Hand In Hand
  • I Missed Again
  • You Know What I Mean
  • Thunder And Lightning
  • I'm Not Moving
  • If Leaving Me Is Easy
  • Tomorrow Never Knows

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    Phil Collins
    "Face Value"

    Phil Collins filled some pretty big shoes when he replaced Peter Gabriel as lead singer for Genesis. They had numerous auditions, and in the end, their new singer had already been in their distance. Phil Collins' career as lead singer with Genesis was truly exceptional, and in 1981, a new journey would also be successful, as Genesis would still remain as a band, Collins recorded his first solo album, Face Value.

    Truly the biggest hit from this release, is the classic "In The Air Tonight," a song that stands out as a solo record for Phil, and not by Genesis. "This Must Be Love," however could pass as a Genesis tune, yet it is more softer and humble, making it a perfect solo attempt for Collins.

    Having a more dancable beat, "Behind The Lines" was written by the Genesis crew: Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. It's a perfect song for the solo Collins, and with its musical abilities (especially the horns) you can tell it was written by Genesis.

    "The Roof Is Leaking" and "Droned" displays the piano and Collins' soft voice, as the latter of the two has a more progressive sound, and could relate to the early years of Genesis with Peter Gabriel. Towards the end, it present a full progressive rock sound, and then merges into "Droned," another progressive sounding tune (with just a touch of pop), which could also fit the early years of Genesis with Peter Gabriel.

    "I Missed Again" was another big hit from this release, getting as much radio exposure as "In The Air Tonight." "You Know What I Mean" is a beautiful ballad, and could be compared to a future Collins hit, "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)," as it features great musical orchestration, and Collins' piano.

    "Thunder And Lightning" is funky, showcasing the Genesis horns, giving this song a more solo feel for Collins, than that of a Genesis tune. "I'm Not Moving" is another upbeat funky number, and points Collins into a more 1980s Pop/Dance style. "If Leaving Me Is Easy" has a more new age jazz sound, a particular style that Collins would later showcase on Hello, I Must Be Going. Collins ends the album with a Beatles cover, originally from Revolver, "Tomorrow Never Knows," being a bit more harder-edged than the original, yet psychedelic and is an excellent tune.

    Face Value is an introduction of better things to come for Phil Collins. Combining pop, dance, and new age jazz are all here, as it would blossom into much more incredible music for him as a solo performer. His work with Genesis continued throughout his solo career, until 1991, when Collins left the group, and records occasional solo albums since. Face Value is a good introduction to his music, and his future solo albums became better as the years went on.

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