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"Get A Grip"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Intro
  • Eat The Rich
  • Get A Grip
  • Fever
  • Livin' On The Edge
  • Flesh
  • Walk On Down
  • Shut Up And Dance
  • Cryin'
  • Gotta Love It
  • Crazy
  • Line Up
  • Amazing
  • Boogie Man

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    "Get A Grip"

    It's been a long time since an Aeromsith album was chosen as "Album Pick of the Week" -- Their first one was in April of 1990, Toys In The Attic, a classic album from a time period where drugs was most common in the rock & roll lifestyle. Drug problems became a major problem for Aerosmith towards the end of the 1970s, and with key member Joe Perry leaving afterwards (among others), the future was grim for them.

    But, a reunion in the 1980s, a clean and sober lifestyle, Aerosmith has become one of the greatest bands around, even today. With numerous recommended albums since their reunion, Aerosmith remains to be more popular than they were in their early years. 1993's Get A Grip is our Album Pick this week, and it's great to have Aerosmith back onto our site.

    The following songs: "Intro/Eat The Rich", "Get A Grip", "Fever" all have the "in-your-face" hard-rock style that Aerosmith has been famous for, and most successful since their albums from their reunion. Another great rocker is their hit "Livin' On The Edge," likewise another great tune that should have been another major hit, at the time of its release, is "Flesh." However, "Walk On Down" sounds differently, vocal-wise, and it could just be, since this song was solely written by guitarist Joe Perry, and not by the famous duo of singer Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, as their songs would stand out as the most popular.

    Once again, the "in-your-face" hard-rock style returns with "Shut Up And Dance". And another major hit for Aerosmith follows -- "Cryin'" -- a personal favorite of mine, and the video (like many) is quite exceptional as the tune itself. "Gotta Love It" has the early Aerosmith hard-rock style, as heard in their classic album, Toys In The Attic. "Crazy" is another great tune, as it has a more blues-rock style. "Line Up" returns the hard-rock "in-your-face" style, where "Amazing" is a more of a rock-ballad, and is another great tune. The last tune is more of a mystery: "Boogie Man" is an instrumental, and has a whole different style than the common Aerosmith. It can be used as a soundtrack sample, being just short of 2 minutes in length.

    Aerosmith's Get A Grip is a great Aerosmith album. The members of Aerosmith remerged and sobered up, and have produced fantastic albums since the mid-1980s. Most rock bands who have experienced hard times with drugs and/or alcohol problems called it quits, where others saw the problem, and yet they still wanted to make music; they just had to wisen up and realize that if you're going to make great music, you have to be sober and with a clear mind. That way the concentration can be set to make great music, and that's what every fan wants to hear and see -- A band that can still make great music, and even though Aerosmith members maybe over 50 years old, they get better with age, and can still ROCK.

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