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"8 Mile"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Lose Yourself--Eminem
  • Love Me--
    Eminem/Obie Trice/
    50 Cent
  • 8 Mile--Eminem
  • Adrenaline Rush--
    Obie Trice
  • Places To Go--50 Cent
  • Rap Game--D12
  • 8 Miles And Runnin'--
  • Spit Shine--Xzibit
  • TIme Of My Life--
    Macy Gray
  • U Wanna Be Me--Nas
  • Wanksata--50 Cent
  • Wasting My Time--
    (Taryn Manning)
  • R.A.K.I.M.--Rakim
  • That's My N****
    Fo' Real--
    Young Zee
  • Battle--Gangstarr
  • Rabbit Run--Eminem
  • Rap Name--Obie Truce
  • Stimulate--Eminnem
  • Til I Collapse
    50 Cent
  • Gangsta--Joe Beast
  • The Weekend--
  • California--Shaunta

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    "8 Mile"

    2002 was an excptional year for Eminem. It seems his name will be around far longer than a previous white rapper, by the name of Snow (Remember him? Where is now?) Of course, we all remember the rise and fall of Vanilla Ice. As of today, each of Eminem's albums have reached #1, and from those albums, he has only achieved 1 number one record, a song from the soundtrack of 8Mile, a song called "Lose Yourself." The soundtrack features 2 artists that would achieve #1 albums on their own, 50 Cent, and D12.

    "Love Me" features Eminem, Obie Truce and 50 Cent -- the lyrics are very graphic, having a very grooving chorus. The title track by Eminem is fast paced, and may not be enjoyable, it's a song that may need repeated listens (or not) to enjoy it more. Obie Truce's "Adrenaline Rush" has the graphic rage lyrics again, and has a very soulful rhythm line.

    50 Cent's "Place To Go" and D12's "Rap Game" are "take them or leave them" tracks; depending on one truly enjoys today's rap music, these songs are debatable for "pure music entertainment." But of the two, D12 is much better. Jay-Z (featuring Freeway) contributes "8 Miles And Runnin'" -- not a bad song, again it's how anyone appreciates today's rap music.

    Once again, the "boom boom boom" of rap returns with Xzbit's "Spit Shine," this one can easily be skipped. Macy Gray's "Time Of My Life" is a very good song, as it shows a soulful touch to today's rap music. This one can easily be enjoyed over and over. Ho Hum ... Nas' "U Wanna Be Me" and 50 Cent's "Wanksta" are takes or leaves. Boomkat (Taryn Manning)'s "Wasting My Time" is another exceptional soulful tune. (This song, as "Time Of My Life" have a much better soulful sound, as compared to the boom boom boom sound of rap.)

    "R.A.K.I.M." by Rakim is another ho hum'mer, likewise Young Zee's "That's My N**** Fo' Real". Gangstarr's "Battle" has its moments... It's not as bad as the less entertaining songs on this soundtrack. "Rabbit Run" by Eminem -- skip his one.

    An extra disc, the Shady Aftermath sampler, contains 6 bonus tracks. "Rap Name" by Obie Trice -- not bad, yet the lyrics are very graphic. "Stimulate" by Eminem -- take it or leave it. "Til I Collapse Freestyle" by 50 Cent -- good song, better than most, short song though, could have been longer.. "Gangsta" by Joe Beast -- very good song, has a good rhythm. "The Weekend" by Brooklyn is hit and miss, the bass line could have used some more work. "California" by Shaunta -- has great possibilities, the rhythm is catchy, and a very good dance hit.

    Rap is either hated or enjoyed by many, Eminem's style of rap is definitely in a different approach as when it first started decades ago. The lyrics back then were innocent, yet today's rap lyrics are more graphic. It may take repeated listens to really enjoy rap, if such a person is willing to do so. Today's rap has its moments though, there are some exceptional rap songs/albums, and for the rest it's either a take or leave. Eminem is a force to be reckoned with, his popularity has achieved far greater than any white rapper, and his name is easily known. I doubt if we will see him fall, but as mentioned before, there are some who do not appreciate his music and rap in general, where as his popularity rises, there are many who enjoy his music, and keeping his popularity

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