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Paul McCartney
"Flaming Pie"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • The Song We
    Were Singing
  • The World Tonight
  • If You Wanna
  • Somedays
  • Young Boy
  • Calico Skies
  • Flaming Pie
  • Heaven On A Sunday
  • Used To Be Bad
  • Souvenir
  • Little Willow
  • Really Love You
  • Beautiful Night
  • Great Day

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    Paul McCartney
    "Flaming Pie"

    Paul McCartney has proved that his age does not stand in his way in recording new material. 1997's Flaming Pie captures Paul at his best at the rocking and mellow styles. Sir Paul has always recorded great albums in his heyday and beyond, after the Beatles. Flaming Pie definitely gets the music lover's attention.

    "The Song We Were Singing" is a common laid-back McCartney tune; ELO's Jeff Lynne helps out on this song. The album's biggest hit was "The World Tonight," in which Jeff Lynne helps again, yet from my recollections Steve Miller helped out too. Speaking of Miller, he does help on "If You Wanna," and like "The World Tonight" the style of Steve Miller is heard in both songs.

    "Somedays" has great musical arrangements, definitely the McCartney style of the past. The musical arrangements has George Martin's name on it, yet he did not participate. "Young Boy" also has the McCartney of the past, especially his years with Wings. (Steve Miller helps again on this song.) George Martin coproduces the accoustical "Calico Skies," yet McCartney's voice shows his age, as it is a bit worn; maybe that's how he wanted his voice to sound, the other songs on this album has Paul in his prime.

    Jeff Lynne helps out on the title track -- "Flaming Pie" (the song title was a reference to a joke John Lennon told about how the Beatles got their name); it's a great rocking Paul song. "Heaven On A Sunday" is a very nice mellow song, almost having a smooth jazz sound. Paul McCartney's son, James, helps on electric guitar solo, and McCartney's wife Linda helps on backing vocals.

    Steve Miller helps out on the great blusey "Used To Be Bad", as this blues style is heard on many songs on Miller's Living In The 20th Century. This song is a great one; it will easily get the repeat button, over and over. Jeff Lynne helps on "Souvenir" as it has the classic Paul of the past, from the Wings years.

    "Little Willow" is a great accoustical ballad, it is pure Paul. Jeff Lynne helps out again on this song. Another great rocker is "Really Love You," featuring Jeff Lynne and Ringo Starr. Paul's bass playing is truly phenomenal, as it always has been. Jeff Lynne, Ringo Starr and Linda McCartney help out on the beautiful song called "Beautiful Night." The album's closing song, "Great Day" brings back the musical styles heard on Paul & Linda's Ram album.

    Flaming Pie is an excellent album. Getting help from his musical friends such as Steve Miller, Jeff Lynne, Ringo Starr and George Martin, this album shines in many ways. It will have the listener listening to this album

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