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Rock Star

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track listing
  • It's On
  • Leave The Lights On
  • Be Yourself
    (And 5 Other Cliches)
  • It's All Love
  • Can't Bring Myself
    To Light This Fuse
  • Underdog
  • Make No Mistake
    This Is The Take
  • Headspin
  • Valentine
  • Social Disgrace
  • The Dead Parade

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    Rock Star

    In the prime of American Idol CBS TV presented only two seasons of another similar show to Idol, entitled Rock Star. I, unfortuantely, did not get the chance to see any of the two seasons. I truly wished I did see them, especially Season Two (the result of this week's Album Pick of The Week).

    The winner of the show would be in a major group as lead singer. Season One winner J.D. Fortune became the new lead singer for INXS, replacing Michael Hutchence. Hutchence took his own life by hanging himself. He had been depressed, and drugs were found in his system.

    The second season winner of Rock Star (Lukas Rossi) would be the lead singer of a new band, called Supernova. Two of its band members were Motley Crue's drummer, Tommy Lee, and former bass player of Metallica, Jason Newsted. The guitarist was Gilby Clake, who was a former guitarist for Guns N' Roses. As for the third season, the rumour was the winner would be the lead singer of Van Halen, of which Eddie Van Halen denied.

    The album starts out with a good Alternative Rock track, "It's On," followed by another good rocker, "Leave The Lights On." However, "Be Yourself (And 5 Other Cliches)" is an ok tune, as it sounds like a track from the 1970s glam rock, as in David Bowie and/or T. Rex.

    "It's All Love" has a slower slower paced sound than the first 3 songs heard, and has a musical style similar to the band Oasis. Another slower paced tune is the next track, "Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse." As great a vocalist as Lukas Rossi is on this album, the rocking tunes sound better for his voice, rather than slower paced ones. (Not to say these songs are bad, his voice easily fits the rocking tracks.)

    The band Nirvana comes to mind on "Underdog," likewise on "Make Not Mistake This Is The Take" This tune rocks like Nirvana, yet it is a "creepy" style like Marilyn Manson. The opening of "Headspin" has an Oasis style, yet it kicks into a good Alternative Rocking style.

    "Valentine" is another good tune - It starts out like Metallica, and also has a resemblance to the bands Soundgarden/AudioSlave. It also has great guiar solos. "Social Disgrace" is another pretty good Alternative rocker, and the last track, "The Dead Parade" has a resemblance to another Alternative rock band, Stone Temple Pilots.

    This album is a very impressive Alternative rocking album. Rock Star Supernova only released one album. In 2007, Lukas Rossi released a solo acoustic album - The Love And Lust EP. His next project was entitled Stars Down in 2008. It was set to be released in 2009, but was never released, due to the fact that Rossi was not pleased with the results of the album. In 2011, he released a flash drive containing his catalog of music, including a previously unreleased album, called "Mood Swings." Later in 2011, he released an album under the band name Switchblade Glory. According to his Wikipedia page, he has released a total of 13 albums since 2007.

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    Previous Review: #1268
    S/Sgt. Barry Sadler--Ballads Of The Green Berets
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