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Harry Connick Jr.
"We Are In Love"

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track listing
  • We Are In Love
  • Only 'Cause I Don't
    Have You
  • Recipe For Love
  • Drifting
  • Forever For Now
  • A Nightingale Sang
    In Berekley Square
  • Heavenly
  • Just A Boy
  • I've Got A Great Idea
  • I'll Dream Of You Again
  • It's Alright With Me
  • Buried In Blue

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    Harry Connick Jr.
    "We Are In Love"

    Frank Sinatra was the true crooner. Of course, there were others that were exceptional: Tony Bennett and the late Bobby Darin to mention, right off the top of my head. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, there wasn't really anyone that would keep the crooner status as a "Sinatra." Harry Connick Jr. debuted in 1988, and the rest they say, would be History afterwards. But it wasn't until his participation in the soundtrack of the 1989 movie When Harry Met Sally (starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) that would achieve his claim to fame.

    Harry marks his official debut on our site this week, with his 1989 release, We Are In Love. This particular album would be his second album released of his career, as a vocalist. It would be his first #1 album on the Billboard Jazz Albums.

    His first official album was in 1977, when he was ten years old, playing piano on the album Dixieland Plus. His second album was released in 1979, Pure Dixieland. It was retitled in 1992 as Eleven (His first album is not available on CD; good luck finding it on vinyl or ebay) His third album, Harry Connick Jr. was released in 1987, as it was an all instrumental album. (He is a very accomplished piano player, having played this instrument since age 9, and recorded the two Dixeland albums at ages 10 and 11. His next album was 20, released in 1988, as this would be his first album as vocalist.

    The album begins with the title track, as it gets your attention, and is a great album opener, with its upbeat, and classy sounding Jazz. Right off the bat, I can say that every even numbered track are "mood setters" -- Nice, quiet, relaxing tunes, and good for romantic atmospheres, romantic dinner background music. They are: "Only 'Cause I Don't Have You," "Drifting," "A Nightingale Sang In Berekley Square," "Just A Boy," "I'll Dream About You Again," "Buried In Blue."

    "Recipe For Love" is like, "Wow" -- another attention getter, a great New Orleans-sounding Jazz upbeat track, easily snapping your fingers along with it. "Forever, For Now" is true Jazz. It's upbeat, the bass line keeps the groove. "Heavenly" is one of those tracks you want to keep listening to, as the accapella vocals and harmonies are very quite impressive.

    "I've Got A Great Idea" is another great, smooth sounding Jazz track. The music, the singing, it's so smooth, and so cool. "It's Alright With Me" is another cool, upbeat track. Everything about it is "cool" -- the music, the singing, the guitar licks would make Les Paul proud. Even the scat-like drums are just as cool. (Hey, was that a little Country sounding lick at the very end of the tune?)

    A great balance of upbeat and mood setting Jazz tracks on We Are In Love. Harry Connick Jr. started the "crooner age" again. He has become one of the greatest crooners in Music history, as his style is easily compared to Frank Sinatra. For Sinatra fans, as you listen to Harry, the comparison is right there, both musically and vocally. Sinatra would be tough to fill his shoes, but actually, Harry Connick Jr. has become Sinatra's runner-up. Nowadays, Michael Buble is the latest and greatest "crooner." He, also, is in the high ranks of Sinatra, and Harry Connick Jr.

    More of Harry Connick Jr.'s (likewise Sinatra's and Michael Buble's) albums will be reviewed here, on this site. Always looking forward to listening and reviewing their music, as it's an easy getaway from the common trends in today's music. (Have to admit, the big band jazz is way definitely better than today's Hip-Hop, ROck, and even Country.

    Sinatra fans will love Harry Connick Jr. -- His popularity has become more and more within the past decade. He is currently a judge on American Idol, in his first year. As much as I enjoyed watching American Idol since Season Two, my interest in the show certainly faded with Season 12, when Phillip Phillips (what a name) was the winner. Towards the end of this season, I pretty much stopped watching, as learning how Phillips was not a good singer, and he admitted after the show that he really couldn't sing. Season 13 had new judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban returned as judge. I didn't even bother watching this season, as it really was about the judges (and fighting) between Mariah and Nicki throughout the season. When it was announced that Harry Connick Jr. would become a judge, I knew the show would be much better. Harry was blunt in his 2 appearances as guest mentor in previous seasons of American Idol. He bluntness and reality in the music business would be a great impact on determining the future winners of the show, and most likely, the winners would be better decided as the "best singer." (Although they say the show is already "rigged" and they already know who is going to win, throughout the auditions -- Another reason NOT to watch the show.) It's amazing the show has lasted this far. With Harry as judge, hopefully it will improve, and just be as good as when Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson were judges. These three judges were the core of the show, and in my opinion, the best judges. Jennifer LOpez returned as judge for Season 13, as the three judges now, are Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

    We Are In Love is a great Jazz album. Most of the songs were written or co-written by Harry. It's Sinatra comparison and big band sound will easily be a favorite for those who enjoy this kind of music. Get wild about Harry -- His music is great to discover, and for his fans, any of his albums would be exceptional.

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