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Albert Collins

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Year of Release: 1980

track listing
  • If You Love Me
    Like You Say
  • Blue Monday Hangover
  • I Got A Problem
  • The Highway Is Like
    A Woman
  • Brick
  • Don't Go Reaching
    Across My Plate
  • Give Me My Blues
  • Snowed In

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    Albert Collins

    Bluesman Albert Collins returns with his 1980 Alligator release, Frostbite. His "ice" releases have been outstanding -- Ice Pickin' being the other one. Just as his fellow colleagues, his music has been classified as classic Blues, just in the same ranks as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Robert Cray, the list goes on and on...

    "If You Love Me Like You Say" kicks off the album, as it's a groovin' soulful R&B track. "Blue Monday Hangover" is slow driving blues, just as the classic blues song, "Stormy Monday." "I Got A Problem" is the track I remember from Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows. Both versions are definitely good, hard to determine, but if I flip a coin, I'd have to go with Big Twist, as this was one of the best songs I remembered by them. Head bouncing blues on "The Highway Is Like A Woman." "Brick" is jumpin', foot tappin' blues. "Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate" has a similarity to Peggy Lee's "Fever," and is more of a "talking song" than vocal. "Give Me My Blues" is a typical, cool blues tune; the bass licks stands out on this one. "Snowed In" is a great, slow driving blues tune. There's nothing like these kinds of blues songs that defines great rhythm and BLUES. What's cool about this song, is how he sings/talks about how his car won't start in the cold weather, and his guitar sounds like a stalled car.

    Albert Collins' Frostbite may have a chilling title, yet the music is just plain COOL BLUES. His music just seems to want to be heard more. (I only have two of his albums as of this date, Ice Pickin' and Frostbite. His music is meant to be heard more, and enjoyed just as many other blues artists that came before and after him. Stocking up on his music, espeically his "ice" series would be a must: Ice Pickin', Frostbite, Don't Lose Your Cool, Cold Snap, Iceman. All of the albums, except the last were released on Alligator Records, a label best-known for great blues artists. The titles mentioned were all studio releases. There was one live album during this "ice" series: Frozen Alive.

    Sad to say, Albert Collins passed away at the age of 60 in 1993, after a three-month battle with cancer. He was inspiration, especially to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and his brother, Jimmy, and also, Robert Cray. Cray: "His ice-pick sound really sunk in deep. After seeing him, it change my who life around. From that moment, I started seriously studying the blues."

    If you enjoy the blues, Albert Collins would definitely be worth having in your collection. His blues are great, and easy to add to his fellow blues artists repretoire. Most blues artists I have collected have more than two. We can extend that count for Albert Collins as well, in the future.

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