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Rick Braun
"Can You Feel It"

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Year of Release: 2014

track listing
  • Can You Feel It
  • Back To Back
  • Take Me To The River
  • Mallorca
  • Get Up And Dance
  • Another Kind Of Blue
  • Delta
  • Silk
  • Radar
  • The Dream
  • Dr. Funkenstein

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    Rick Braun
    "Can You Feel It"

    This week it's the debut of a great Smooth Jazz artist, Rick Braun. His 2014 release, Can You Feel It achieved three #1 Smooth Jazz Songs hits: "Get Up And Dance," "Back To Back" and the title track, "Can You Feel It." If it's great (Smooth) Jazz you're looking for, Braun's Can You Feel It is a wise choice. And, you will definitely feel the vibes.

    The title track kicks off the album, and it is just groovin', sure to get the circulation going. "Back To Back" is definitely smooth, jazzy, funky. "Take Me To The River" was originally co-written and recorded by Al Green, and most would remember this version by the Talking Heads. Braun and his band put a pure great upbeat jazz vibe to their version, with vocals by Elliott Yamin (Season 5 American Idol finalist). "Mallorca" is another great upbeat smooth jazz number, once again, showcasing Braun's great horn work.

    "Get Up And Dance" is also another great upbeat Smooth Jazz number. You can just listen to it and agree, it deserved to be a #1 hit. For all the romancers out there, there's the beautiful "Another Kind Of Blue." This song was written by another jazz great, Philippe Saisse. Kind Of Blue -- Miles Davis? Rick Braun could just very well prove, that he can record just as good as the legend Miles himself. Just beautiful, this tune really is.

    Gettin' that upbeat jazz vibe back up again, "Delta" is another sure win tune to groove to. The next track is another great, beautiful and romantic-styled - "Silk." Yes, that title says it all: Smooth (Jazz) as "Silk." The romance of it resembles another great romantic-styled artist, that she could have provided vocals for this track, Anita Baker. Smooth Jazz with R&B here. Yet, Rick Braun makes this song his own, providing his amazing horn.

    Braun sure makes his horn the standout on the next track, "Radar." He makes that horn "sing" it's way into a great and upbeat Jazz track. Groovin' and Movin'. The next track is another mood-setter, upbeat, and has it's own romance to it - "The Dream." The last track definitely has the Funk -- "Dr. Funkenstein." It's like the return of the great 1970s Funk, yet updated, for the 21st Century.

    Can You Feel It definitely deserves it's title. You can feel every tune. Definitely a must for the Smooth Jazz/Jazz fan in general. There is not a bad track on this album. Not only that, Braun has great talent helping him out - Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, Adam Hawley, Dave Koz, Jeff Lorber, Philippe Saisse, Elliott Yanim. And, what does Euge Groove, Adam Hawley, Jeff Lorber, Philippe Saisse, all have in common with Rick Braun? They've all achieved #1 status in the Smooth Jazz category. (Don't worry... we'll be seeing both Groove and Hawley on our website in the future...)

    This is today's great Smooth Jazz music. Rick Braun is one of those names that makes Smooth Jazz a must to listen to in our current millennium of Smooth Jazz/Jazz) music. Jazz fans will enjoy Can You Feel It by Rick Braun. More of Braun's music to review will arrive in the future. Feel the music of Rick Braun. This album will definitely move and groove you. This is great Jazz to listen to. Enjoy.

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