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The James Gang
"Live In Concert"

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Year of Release: 1971

track listing
  • Stop
  • You're Gonna Need Me
  • Take A Look Around
  • Tend My Garden
  • Ashes, The Rain And I
  • Walk Away
  • Lost Woman

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    The James Gang
    "Live In Concert"

    Live concert albums -- You either take them or leave them, most rock bands either captures their sound better on the road than in the studio or vice versa. In the case of Joe Walsh and the James Gang, it's kinda mixed. I've never seen the James Gang and/or Joe Walsh, or even The Eagles (yet I've heard The Eagles we're never a concert band). In a sense, I would have to say the songs from Live In Concert are just ok... The original album versions of some of the songs contained on this album would be your best bet.

    The album's opener, "Stop", is definitely hard-rocking. "You're Gonna Need Me" defines slow blues, and also has the hard rock/blues sound of the early Led Zeppelin.

    "Take A Look Around," the first of only 3 Joe Walsh originals, has a somewhat progressive sound, as some songs that were featured on their album Rides Again. "Tend My Garden" (originally from Rides Again) features fine keyboards, yet the Rides Again version is better.

    "Ashes, The Rain And I" (another song originally from Rides Again) is short, and accoustical. And again, the original version from Rides Again gets the thumbs up, rather than the live version.

    The James Gang's most famous hit, "Walk Away" is featured here live, and it's a bit faster than the original version. The album's closer, was originally written by The Yardbirds, "Lost Woman." Mostly an instrumental jam, (nearly 20 minutes in length), it features hard-rocking blues (as the early Yardbirds, early Clapton, and early Jimmy Page).

    All in all, Live In Concert features The James Gang on tour, supporting their Rides Again album. Yet, in order to enjoy The James Gang music, it's best to do so, by getting their original studio albums, like Rides Again (which is an excellent album, by the way), and the original album that contains "Walk Away," Thirds.

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