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track listing
  • Power
  • Apathy
  • Rules
  • Craze
  • Dogma
  • Inane
  • Blame
  • Son Of A Gun
  • Ikons
  • Wrath

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    Daryl Hall & John Oates--Private Eyes

    I am a fan of Germany's KMFDM for their album covers. As for their music, they are very different -- Industrial Rock has always been different, yet interesting. Their first album reviewed here on WSVNRadio was their Symbols release. And after listening to Xtrot, both Symbols and Xtrot draws to the same conclusion -- That KMDDM is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is pure energy.

    Taken with the title of the opening track, "Power" definitely is its own title. A very energetic song, and a very good opening kicking track. Another fast-paced, energetic track is the next song, "Apathy." "Rules" is less fast-paced as the first two tracks (from reading Amazon's review of this release).

    "Craze" in one word, is unusual. (Pretty much Industrial music is such this word.) As unusual as it may sound, it still draws your attention. "Dogma" is a spoken word track, as the vocals are supplied by Nicole Blackman. Luckily the lyrics for this album are included on the CD; it certainly helps out while listening. The lyrics here are explaining the basic Pop Culture in today's world, whether we like it or (preferably) not.

    "Inane" returns with the energetic, pulsing rock sound again, as this song is probably one of the best tracks here. Another German band comes to mind (as well as many other tracks), Laibach, on "Blame." Yet KMFDM has their own sound, despite the comparison to Laibach, another Industrial Rock band I enjoy.

    "Son Of A Gun" definitely defines the sound of Industrial Rock, as it is another energetic, fast-pacer track. "Ikons" (like other tracks) draws your attention, and is just as unusual as the track "Craze."

    The album closes with the 10-minute track entitled "Wrath." This track has a distinctive sound - Industrial hardcore, unusual noises towards the 5-minute mark, and an interesting question heard "Is it safe to go home now." But, is there a hidden track at the end, or is it still part of "Wrath" at the 6-minute mark -- A spoken voice, is heard throught the rest of this track, with its soft voice supplied by soft music. This reminds me of the Moody Blues, with their usagres of soft music, soft narration. What a great way to close off this album.

    KMFDM is quite unique than most Rock acts. Xtort has a hardcore sound. Yet I do have to say, their vocals are not as rough-rugged as other Hardcore acts, where it just sounds like a lot of screaming, and you can never understand the lyrics when first listened to. (Of course, having the lyrics available is always helpful.) KMFMDM does draw your attention, regardless for those who actually enjoy this kind of music. KMFDM may not be for all music lovers, yet their music is certainly different. As mentioned, their music is quite unique, and you definitely can appreciate their album cover artworks.

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    Previous Review: #1274
    Soundtrack--The Bodyguard
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    Daryl Hall & John Oates--Private Eyes