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"Petra En Alabanza"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • Amo Al Senor
  • Rey De Reyes
  • Cristo Glorioso Rey
  • La Battalla Es
    De Nuestro Senor
  • Senor Llevame
    A Tus Atrios
  • La Salvacion Es
    De Nuestro Dios
  • El Rey
    De Gloria Entrara
  • Yo Celebrare/
    El Spiritu De Dios
  • Te Alabo
  • Tu Nombre Santo Es
  • Amigos
  • Clamare A Mi Senor
  • Te Exaltamos

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    "Petra En Alabanza"

    Petra returns this week with their 1992 SPANISH release, Petra En Alabanza, which was a Spanish version of their album Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out. I have always been interested in Spanish music, where the lyrics are actually in Spanish, despite I am not aware of converting Spanish to English. (Selena was reviewed recently, and she is a Spanish/Latin artist I would like to learn more, despite her untimely death.) Petra recorded Spanish albums during their career, and this Spanish release, just as in Christian music, is powerful, singing all the songs in Spanish. Thanks to Google, I was able to translate each Spanish song title to English, likewise the title of this album -- Petra En Alabanza ==> Petra In Praise.

    Spanish TitleEnglish TransalationPetra Praise:
    The Rock Cries Out
    "Amos Al Senor""I Love The Lord""I Love The Lord"
    "Rey De Reyes""King Of Kings""King Of Kings"
    "Cristo Glorioso Rey""Glorious Christ King""Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One"
    "La Battalla Es De Nuestro Senor""The Battle Is Of Our Lord""The Battle Belongs To The Lord"
    "Senor Llevame A Tus Atrios""Lord Take Me To Your Courts""Take Me In"
    "La Salvacion Es De Nuestro Dios""The Salvation Is Of Our God""Salvation Belongs To Our God"
    "El Rey De Gloria Entrara""The King Of Glory Will Enter""The King Of Glory Shall Come In"
    "Yo Celebrare/El Spiritu De Dios""I Will Celebrate/The Spirit Of God""I Will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord"
    "Te Alabo""I Praise You""I Will Sing Praise"
    "Tu Nombre Santo Es""Your Holy Name Is""Hallowed Be Thy Name"
    "Amigos""Friends""Friends (All In The Family Of God)"
    "Clamare A Mi Senor""Cry To Me""I Will Call Upon The Lord"
    "Te Exaltamos""We Exalt Thee""We Exalt Thee"

    Starting out the album is the rocker, "Amo Al Senor" ("I Love The Lord.") This is a song that can easily fit the 1980s "Hair Bands" of Rock. It is certainly a rocking song that will make fans of 80s Rock start to look at Petra's music. However, the next track is quite different, vocally, in a sense that it kind of sounds like the German band Laibach, as it is another 1980s (Hard) Rock style -- "Rey De Reyes" ("King Of Kings")

    The album gets much better, as it develops the Spanish style music, as it meets into the 1980s (Hard) Rock: "Cristo Glorioso Rey" ("Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One)." And of course, there are the ballads of hard rock, as "La Batalla Es De Nuestro Senor" ("The Battle Belongs To The Lord") could fit the "Monster Ballads" of the 1980s Hard Rock. "Senor Llevame A Tus Atrios" ("Take Me In" is another ballad, yet it turns into the powerful Christian sound, in Spanish.

    More of the Powerful Christian sound, in Spanish: "La Salvacion Es De Nuestro Dios" ("Salvation Belongs To Our God"), and "El Rey De Gloria Entrara" ("The King Of Glory Shall Come In.") "Yo Celeebrare/El Spiritu De Dios" ("I Will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord") returns to the common 1980s Hard Rock style, again, all in Spanish.

    Powerful Rock and Christian finds both "Te Alabo" ("I Praise You," and "Tu Nombre Santo Es" ("Hallowed By Thy Name.")

    The biggest surprise is the next track, "Amigos" ("Friends [All In The Family Of God]") -- This song takes us back as a 1950s Doo Wop style. A very impressive track, and a different direction, compared to the other tracks heard so far. This one is definitely a stand out, with it's nostalgic sound, and Spanish lyrics.

    "Clamare A Mi Senor" ("I Will Call Upon The Lord") returns back to the (hard) Rock spanish style, and the album closes with "Te Exaltamos" ("We Exalt Thee" -- another powerful track, and more on the Worship-styled sound, heard in many other Christian bands. (Such as the one recently reviewed -- Hillsong United -- Live In Miami)

    A great Spanish and Christian album, by one of the many great bands in Christian music -- Petra. The English version of this album, Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out will be a future album to review, and I am curious to hear these great songs, in the English language. Two in particular: The first track from the album, "Amo Al Senor" ("I Love The Lord,") and the 1950s sounding "Amigos" ("Friends [All In The Family Of God]"). And, more Petra albums from their career will also be reviewed.

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