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Revolution #9
"Standing In Your City"

© Revolution#9 Records

Year of Release: 2007

track listing
  • Breaking The Lights
  • White Line
  • It's Too Easy
  • A Night Without
    Moon And Stars
  • No Regrets
  • R 'n' R Life
  • Mad Chance
  • Killing Jane
  • All The Things
    That I've Done
  • You Don't Care

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    Revolution #9
    "Standing In Your City"

    Revoltuion #9 band is NOT a Beatles tribute band. It's easy to tell how the band got it's name, for Beatle fans. The Revolution #9 band was from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 20. Their song, "White Line" was on this compilation, and was from their 2007 album, Standing In The City. The band is from Italy. Their style of music is Rock, Hard Rock. Maybe even Punk Rock.

    One band comes to mind, the band Jet, who had a huge hit, called "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" This song also resembles that of Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life." Punk Rock? Maybe. Speaking of Punk Rock, another band also is resembled -- Green Day. But the Revolution #9 band definitely rocks harder than Green Day.

    The First three songs all are hard rock edged tunes -- "Breaking The Lights," "White Line," "It's Too Easy." These three songs resembles the band Jet, and their hit song. "A Night Without Moon And Stars" rocks hard also, but a little less than the first 3 songs. This particular song gets the comparison to the band Nirvana; this song having Nirvana's style, in a sense.

    "No Regrets" -- another hard rock edged song, likewise "R 'n' R Life" just keeps rocking. "Mad Chance" and "Killing Jane" compares to Green Day, yet Revolution #9 rocks harder. Jet's hard rock edge compares to the next track, "All The Things That I've Done." "You Don't Care" slows down just a step, compared to the other songs, and ends a very impressive album.

    Revolution #9 is definitely a band with an interesting sound. Hard Rock, Punk Rock. Standing In Your City definitely stands out. Each track is hard rock, and harder than most bands you may have heard. It's worth listening to, and checking out this band. The vocalist/guitarist, Piero "Pete" Meglio definitely has talent, in his hard rock styled voice. He wrote all the songs on this album, along with his other band members -- Valerio Pizzoferrato (guitar and backing vocals), and Franceso "Frank" Lavorino.

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    Previous Review: #1700
    Philippe Saisse Trio--The Body And Soul Sessions
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    Red Foley--Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy