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November 15, 2021

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  1. Fair Warning--On Fire
  2. Nick Granato--In This Human Race
  3. Heart Love Alive--Heartless/Baracuda
  4. Brad Wilson--Black Coffee At Sunrise
  5. Robert Nix--And You Want To Be King
  6. Steph Deskins--When You Come Around
  7. Michael Stollaire--Little Princess
  8. Julie Payne--Milk And Honey
  9. Nabil Khemir--Hanin
  10. Chainsaw Dupont--When It's Sweet
  11. Renee Zawawi--American Girrrl
  12. Revolution #9--White Line
  13. Rubber Soul--She Loves You
  14. Johnny J Blair--I'm So Glad U Let Me In
  15. Dana Wilson--If I Come To You Tonight
  16. Pravda--Edge Of Fire
  17. Tommie Griggz--RejectRewind
  18. Son Of A Gun--Bellyachin'
  19. Methuselah--Life Is A Mystery
  20. Michael Hilder--Left In The Dark

Release Date: February 12, 2008
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 20
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Fair Warning Nick Granato Heart Love Alive Brad Wilson Robert Nix Steph Deskins Michael Stollaire Julie Payne Nabil Khemir Chainsaw Dupont Renee Zawawi Revolution #9 Rubber Soul Johnny J Blair Dana Wilson Pravda Tommie Griggz Son Of A Gun Methuselah Michael Hilder

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 20
Track Listing & Credits
1 Fair Warning
"On Fire"
(Van Halen)
Produced by: Michael Szramba
Publisher: Fair Warning Productions
Year: 2002
11 Renee Zawawi
"American Girrrl"
(Renee Zawai, Michael Guerriero)
Produced by: The Demo Center
Publisher: Sapiens, UC
Year: 2007
2 Nick Granato
"In This Human Race"
(Nick Granato)
Outside the Lines
Produced by: Nick Granato/Phil Lister
Publisher: Song Harber Music/BMI
Year: 2007
12 Revolution #9
"White Line"
(The Band)
Standing In Your City
Produced by: The Band
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2007
3 Heart Love Alive
(Ann & Nancy Wilson)
Heart Compilation
Produced by: n/a
Publisher: Mushroom
Year: n/a
13 Rubber Soul
"She Loves You"
(J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
Produced by: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2006
4 Brad Wilson
"Black Coffee At Sunrise"
(Brad Wilson)
Brad Wilson
Produced by: Brad Wilson
Publisher: Cali Bee Music
Year: 2004
14 Johnny J Blair
"I'm So Glad U Let Me In"
(Johnny J Blair)
Produced by: Johnny J Blair
Publisher: Word2Soul Music
Year: 2007
5 Robert Nix
"And You Want To Be King"
(Robert Nix)
It's A Complicated World
Produced by: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2005
15 Dana Wilson
"If I Come To You Tonight"
(Dana Wilson/Rick Matle)
Produced by: Dana Wilson/Rick Matle
Publisher: Dancing Llama Records
Year: 2007
6 Steph Deskins
"When You Come Around"
(Steph Deskins)
Produced by: Steph Deskins/Jason Roller
Publisher: Gold Guitars Music (ASCAP)
Year: n/a
16 Pravda
"Edge Of Fire"
(KC Thomson)
Walking Through Walls
Produced by: David Thomas & KC Thomson
Publisher: Thomsen & Thomas Music
Year: 2006
7 Michael Stollaire
"Little Princess"
(Michael Stollaire)
Produced by: David Morse
Publisher: Morte Draconis Publishing
Year: 2007
17 Tommie Griggz
(Timothy Gregory/Tommie Griggz)
Double Set CD
Produced by: Tim Gregory/Dave Downham
Publisher: Ears On Head Publishing ASCAP
Year: 2007
8 Julie Payne
"Milk And Honey"
(Julie Payne)
n/a (single)
Produced by: Julie Payne
Publisher: Julie Payne
Year: 2006
18 Son Of A Gun
(Timothy Gregory/Andy Vaughn)
Son Of A Gun
Produced by: Ben Vaughn
Publisher: Manymoods Music ASCAP/Earsonhead Publishing ASCAP/Red Eye Distro/Steel Cage Records
Year: 2007
9 Nabil Khemir
(Nabil Khemir)
Produced by: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2007
19 Methuselah
"Life Is A Mystery"
(Tommy Magnusson)
Tribute To Freedom
Produced by: Tommy Magnusson
Publisher: Tommy Magnusson
Year: 2008
10 Chainsaw Dupont
"When It's Sweet"
(Chainsaw Dupont)
Ghost Kings Of Beale Street
Produced by: Steve "MrBIG" Pasek
Publisher: Blues Warrior Publishing/Bluesomatic Publishing
Year: 2007
20 Michael Hilder
"Left In The Dark"
(Michael Hilder)
The Storm Part 1
Produced by: Michael Hilder/Steve Harrison
Publisher: Michael Hilder
Year: 2007

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the first 20 artists for this collection.