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Kowtow Popof
"Kowtow Drops The Pop Off"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • Run To Daylight
  • Higher
  • Life As Hobby
  • Things That
    Aren't Comets
  • Theme From Lucky Guy
  • Deep And Deeper
  • Slim Jims And Tab
  • Floaters

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    Kowtow Popof
    "Kowtow Drops The Pop Off"

    Kowtow Popof is one of many artists in which WSVNRadio promoted, and featured one of his songs on the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume X CD. Songs from this CD are of a pop adventure, blending a mix of the past rock n roll decades.

    "Run To Daylight" is a very delightful pop instrumental tune, having an early 1980s new wave sound, and a powerful song to start out the album. "Higher" has a 1970s/T. Rex influential sound, as this song was chosen for the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume X compilation. "Life As Hobby" is another good pop adventure, reflecting on the 1970s sound again, yet it sounds fresh for today's musical styles.

    "Things That Aren't Comets" has a somewhat late-psychedelic '60s atmosphere, yet updated into the future towards the '70s and beyond. "Theme From Lucky Guy" is very powerful instrumental, having a heavy-metal approach, easily grabbing the listener's attention, from start to finish. "Deep And Deeper" definitely has today's sound, and can be easily compared to the music of Moby. "Slim Jims And Tab" has a mysterious atmosphere about itself, and another artist from the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame comes to mind while listening to this particular tune, that being the artist King Virtue (Volume One). "Floaters" is similar to "Deep And Deeper", and Moby's music would have to be influence on these particular tunes.

    Kowtow Popof's Drops The Pop Off blends with the music of the past, present and future. 1970s and 1980s influences are heard throughout this disc, and most tunes are definitely updated to today's standard. This album is an adventure of Pop at its finest, and with only a little past half an hour of music contained on this release, one can think of what is in store next for Kowtow Popof. His music and website was originally located on, but recently, was bought out, and Kowtow's new website can be visited at:

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