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November 15, 2021

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  1. Jonathan M--Take What You Want
  2. Terry Christopher--Take Another Look
  3. Walt Perko--Secret Rendezvous
  4. Lowdrive--Reject
  5. Hand Honey--All I Need
  6. Ani Minasian--Live And Die
  7. Elliott Ranney--Ellen Claire
  8. Droid--Ave Maria (Eurotech Mix)
  9. Elena Powell--Alta Nova
  10. Summeoyo--Saturday Night Confessions
  11. Boo-Ray--Gemini
  12. ILVYRIS--Phat To Def
  13. Bob Louisell--Minnesota Lullaby
  14. Regenerated Headpiece--Saloon Funk
  15. U Dreamer--Broken Dreams
  16. Leandra Hill--Fear
  17. Kowtow Popof--Higher
  18. Radio Caroline--Pale Blue Eyes
  19. Taba--You And Me (Acoustic Version)
  20. Omeil--Hot Girls

Release Date: November 18, 2003
The Tenth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 10 CD!
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for each artist's website

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 10
Track Listing & Credits
1 Jonathan M
Take What You Want
(Jonathan M, H. Holland)
Day After Day
Produced by: R. Huestis
Publisher: Flying Disc Records
Year: 2003
11 Boo-Ray
(R. Thomas)
Street Thesis
Produced by: Intellect Records
Publisher: Intellect Records
Year: 2002
2 Terry Christopher
Take Another Look
(Terry Christopher, Michael LaGennusa)
Take Another Look
Produced by: Terry Christopher, Michael LaGennusa
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2002
Phat To Def
(D. Henderson, C. Summers, L. Gay)
Produced by: D. Henderson & L. Gay for Off-Trak Productions
Publisher: ILEPIDEMIC Publishing, Lawrence Gay Publishing
Year: 2003 ©
3 Walt Perko
Secret Rendevous
(Walt Perko)
Produced by: Walt Perko
Publisher: Walt Perko
Year: 2003
13 Bob Louisell
Minnesota Lullaby
(Bob Louisell)
From Across The Years
Produced by: none
Publisher: none
Year: 2001
4 Lowdrive
Aperture EP
Produced by: Dangerous
Publisher: Angela Songs
Year: 2003
14 Regenerated Headpiece
Saloon Funk
(Phon-X & Shred Lexicon)
Produced by: Phon-X
Publisher: Headsnack Music (BMI)
Year: 2003
5 Hand Honey
All I Need
(Hand Honey)
Crazy Palm Mute
Produced by: J.J. Crews (Boogie Tracks)
Publisher: Land Shark Music
Year: 2002
15 U Dreamer
Broken Dreams
(Karen Leish)
U Dreamer
Produced by: Richard Pell and U Dreamer
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
6 Ani Minasian
Live And Die
(Ani Minasian)
Mercedes Emerging
Produced by: Robb Vallier/Tomie Reeves
Publisher: none
Year: 1998
16 Leandra Hill
(Leandra Hill)
Somewhere In Between
Produced by: Leandra Hill
Publisher: Leandra Hill
Year: 2001
7 Elliott Ranney
Ellen Claire
(Elliott Ranney)
An Aging Sailor's Dream
Produced by: Dan Randant
Publisher: Lucky Dog Music, BMI
Year: 2001
17 Kowtow Popof
(Kowtow Popof)
Kowtow Drops The Pop Off
Produced by: Kowtow Popof
Publisher: Kowtow Popof
Year: 2003
8 Droid
Ave Maria (Eurotech Mix)
(Public Domain)
Ave Maria
Produced by: Droid
Publisher: Public Domain
Year: 2003
18 Radio Caroline
Pale Blue Eyes
(Lou Reed)
After Hours: A Tribute To The Music Of Lou Reed
Produced by: Mark Dayon
Publisher: Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd.
Year: 2003
9 Elena Powell
Alto Nova
(Elena Powell)
Alto Nova
Produced by: Jeffrey Clark
Publisher: Mugwort Manor Records
Year: 2002
19 Taba
You And Me (acoustic version)
(Tabanelli Andrea)
Transmission Form/Pan Pipes
Produced by: Tabanelli Andrea
Publisher: Cangelo Carnivoro
Year: 2003
10 Summeoyo
Saturday Night Confessions
Don't Judge A Song By It's Title
Produced by: Adam D.
Publisher: Burter Publishing
Year: 2002
20 Omeil
Hot Girl (feat. Posh)
(Omeil & Delion Reid)
Reggae Sweetheart
Produced by: Delion Reid
Publisher: Terrelonge Recordings
Year: 2003

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Jonathan M Ani Minasian Terry Christopher Elliott Ranney Walt Perko Droid Lowdrive Elena Powell Hand Honey Summeoyo Boo-Ray Leandra Hill ILVYRIS Kowtow Popof Bob Louisell Radio Caroline Regenerated Headpiece Taba U Dreamer Omeil