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Joe Johnson
"Joe Johnson"

© KMA Records

Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Hate To See You Go
  • Oh Lord Please Help
    Me To Carry On
  • Just A Matter Of Time
  • Interstate Man
  • Girl You're Everything
    To Me
  • You Can't Stop Me
    From Loving You
  • I Can't Quit Loving You
  • Hank's Alive
  • Sometimes Not Even Time
    Can Change
  • Train Of Thought
  • Got The Blues
    For You Baby
  • Like Time
  • The Songwriter
  • It Don't Get No Better
    Than This
  • Tatto Of The Rose

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    Joe Johnson
    "Joe Johnson"

    Joe Johnson was an artist from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame series, Volume 9. His music was Country. I mentione "was," because as I was looking for his website (or an updated link), it as no longer available. Last he was seen on the internet as through KMA Records released his music in 2002/2003. As we were promoting his music for Volume 9, he had sent us to CDs. Both had the exact song titles, except for three songtitles. One of those three, was "The Songwriter," which was selected for Volume 9.

    KMA Records provided many artists for our compilations, which some were reviewed on our site. Darren Rhodes, Joe Berry, and now, Joe Johnson. (Of the three, Dustin Rhodes would be the favorite.) I'm going to be honest -- both Joes (Berry / Johnson) may have ventured into Country music, but... are they really good Country singers? Of the three earlier mentioned, here's the rank: #1) Darren Rhodes, #2) Joe Berry, #3) Joe Johnson. Darren Rhodes' track, "Coldest Night Since 1951" from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame series, Volume 3 is truthfully, my favorite track from this compilation.

    Both Joe Berry and Joe Johnson's Country is traditional old-fashioned Country. As mentioned in my Joe Berry review of his Dark Side Of The Moon album: Joe Berry will grow on you, as you listen to The Dark Side Of The Moon. Yes, some songs are better than others here, just as any other album by any artist. No dark sides found here though, just basic Country-sounding tunes. Joe Johnson can be in this same boat, however his voice may not be up to today's popular standards. Joe Berry's voice also can be said the same. Give them credit for trying: They are providing their love for Country music, even though their singing may not be on everyone's playlist.

    But again, give this album a try, for both Joes, their albums are listenable. (I've heard far worse Country singers, especially that of talk show host, Jerry Springer. Yes, IT IS THAT BAD...

    In a related Joe Johnson story, back in 2010, when we were preparing for our Best Of compilation for our Hall of Fame, Joe Johnson fans (one in particular) was voting constantly throughout the week of voting for the best song from Volume 9. Obviously, Johnson's "The Songwriter" was truly not THE song overall, but the Best Of voting were based on votes on line -- Whoever had the most votes, would appear on the Best Of compilation. Early through the week, Johnson was getting the top vote. But in the end, he ended as the runner up. Fans of The Tara Charles Band voted, and the final vote count was 4,318 for Tara, and 1,539 for Joe.

    Joe Johnson may not be your everyday popular Country singer, but give him credit (just as all the others, good and bad)... He wrote every song on this album. Somehere on (internet) radio station playlists, Joe Johnson's music is being heard regularly. Since he does not have a website on the internet, it is a wonder what he had done after this album was released. KMA Records' main website is also no longer online. Keith Bradford was in charge of the record label. KMA does exist on facebook, as "K M A Records" (Music Production). They are located in Madison, Tennessee. UPDATE: Keith Bradford is found at He is also found at

    Joe Johnson may not be located on the internet, but he will be a member of the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, and how his song "The Songwriter" almost became the winner for our Best Of compilation, for Volume 9.

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