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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. The Renovators--Blues Country
  2. The Furnace--Lost
  3. Gargantua Soul--Jacob
  4. Mappari--Rise
  5. Jen Elliott--Why Can't This Be A Love Song
  6. Dreddwood--Lust O'Love
  7. John Adam Murph-Try My Luck Again
  8. The Pauline York Band--Anywhere
  9. Mighty Sam McClain--Thought I Heard Your Voice
  10. Joe Johnson--The Songwriter
Disc Two
  1. Benny--Farflung
  2. Tom Forsey--I've Never Seen This Way
  3. The Psychedelic Breakfast--Always Trippin Always Stoned
  4. Anthony Distefano--Vambido
  5. The Zen Tricksters--Last Ten Years
  6. Living Space--Down In Denver
  7. Fishkill--Merry-Go-Round
  8. Ebin--Break Out
  9. The Tara Charles Band--Dark Eyes
  10. Sandra Reed--My Love

Release Date: October, 7, 2003
The Ninth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 9 CD!
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The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 9
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One Disc Two
1 The Renovators
Blues Country
(Al Hemberger, Bob Rasero, Bob Mayo, Ted Hemberger)
Blues Country
Produced by: The Renovators
Publisher: Bob Mayo/Melodious Thunk Music/ASCAP
Bob Rasero/Raserosongs/ASCAP
Ted Hemberger/Hemberger, Inc./ASCAP
Al Hemberger/Hemberger, Inc./ASCAP
Year: 2003
11 Benny
(Kevin J. Kohler)
Produced by: Benny
Publisher: Glass Records
Year: 2003
2 The Furnace
(The Furnace)
Beyond What's Become
Produced by: Joel Weaver/The Furnace
Publisher: Good Times Music
Year: 2003
12 Tom Forsey
I've Never Seen This Way
(Tom Forsey)
To The Core
Produced by: Tom Forsey & Dave Hanbury
Publisher: T4c Records/Tom Forsey
Year: 2002
3 Gargantua Soul
(Duff, Bozzi, Lawrence, Amendola, Keyes, Heltzel)
Produced by: Marc Amendola, G. Soul, & Vic Steffens
Publisher: Squishy Lemon Publishing Inc.
Year: 2003
13 The Psychedelic Breakfast
Always Tripping, Always Stoned
(Nick Grimes)
Uncle Sam's Companion
Produced by: The Psychedelic Breakfast
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
4 Mappari
(Will Daley)
The Firecracker EP
Produced by: Tom Polce
Publisher: Laughing Nude Music
Year: 2003
14 Anthony Distefano
(Anthony Distefano)
Anthony Distefano
Produced by: Anthony Distefano
Publisher: Anthony Distefano
Year: 2003
Website: n/a
5 Jen Elliott
Why Can't This Be A Love Song?
The Secret's Out
Produced by: Trebor Lloyd/Feral Music Services
Publisher: City Peaks Publishing (ASCAP)
Year: 2003
15 The Zen Tricksters
Last Ten Years
(T. Circosta)
Shaking Off The Weirdness
Produced by: Zen Tricksters with Christian Cassan
Publisher: T.J. Circosta Music
Year: 2003
6 Dreddwood
Lust O' Love
(Jorge Dredd, Mike Hollywood)
No Exhibition...'Til Show Time
Produced by: Mike Hollywood, Scott Collings, Jorge Dredd
Publisher: SOCAN
Year: 2002
16 Living Space
Down In Denver
(Ronnie Cato)
Fade Into Existence
Produced by: Dark Matters Production
Publisher: Dark Matters
Year: 2003
7 John Adam Murph
Try My Luck Again
(John Adam Murph)
John Adam Murph
Produced by: none
Publisher: Juanita Ford
Year: 2001
17 Fishkill
(Chris Nelson)
The Big Purple Sky
Produced by: Chris Nelson
Publisher: Chris Nelson
Year: 2002
8 The Pauline York Band
(Pauline York)
Blackberry Wine
Produced by: Pauline York
Publisher: Pauline York
Year: 2001
18 Ebin
Break Out
(Ebin Barnett)
Just As I Am
Produced by: Ebin Barnett
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
9 Mighty Sam McClain
Thought I Heard Your Voice
(Sam McClain/Rick Baster - ASCAP)
One More Bridge To Cross
Produced by: Sam McClain
Publisher: Emily's Son Publishing - ASCAP
Year: 2003
19 The Tara Charles Band
Dark Eyes
(Tara Charles/Frank Romano)
Produced by: Buddy Hall
Publisher: Tricky Records
Year: 2003
10 Joe Johnson
The Songwriter
(Joe Johnson)
KMA Records Presents Joe Johnson
Produced by: Keith Bradford
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
20 Sandra Reed
My Love
(Sandra Reed)
Produced by: Sandra Reed & Francis Reed
Publisher: none
Year: 1986
Website: n/a

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
The Renovators The Furnace Gargantua Soul Mappari Jen Elliott Dreddwood John Adam Murph Pauline York Band Mighty Sam McClain Joe Johnson Benny Tom Forsey The Psychedelic Breakfast Anthony Distefano The Zen Tricksters Living Space Fishkill Ebin The Tara Charles Band Sandra Reed