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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. Jim Banke--Strong As I Am
  2. The Drop Band--There's Only Sound
  3. Kid Cozmo--Numbers Game
  4. Sometimes Seven--Headrest
  5. Mind Reflection feat. Digital Explosion--Find A Way
  6. Bradley Rountree & Andre Parker--One Family
  7. Darren Rhodes--Coldest Night Since 1951
  8. Robert Jackson--Jamie Says
  9. Gordon Ellis--One Woman
  10. The Hale's--Every Now And Then
Disc Two
  1. Tom Marotta--Little By Little
  2. Jennifer Marks--It Turned Me On
  3. Paradox/2wx--Judgment Day
  4. Lipstick Traces--Paris
  5. Twelve Gauge Noise--Eyes Of Red
  6. Sheri Lynn--That's As Far As I'll Go
  7. Think Of 3--Dawn Of A New Day
  8. Shepherd's Child--Change Of Heart
  9. Vicki Lee--Searching For My Soul
  10. DC Sayner--Picture Album

February 18, 2003
The Third 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume III CD!
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Jim Banke The Drop Band Kid Cozmo Sometimes Seven Mind Reflection Bradley Rountree Darren Rhodes Robert Jackson Gordon Ellis The Hale's Tom Marotta Jennifer Marks Paradox/2wx Lipstick Traces Twelve Gauge Noise Sheri Lynn Think Of 3 Shepherd's Child Vicki Lee DC Sayner

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume III
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One Disc Two
1 Jim Banke
Strong As I Am
(Jim Banke, Phil Balsano)
Strong As I Am
Produced by: Alan Schulman
Publisher: Ba Ba Music - Young Leades Music
Year: 2000
1 Tom Marotta
Little By Little
(Tom Marotta)
Produced by: Tom Marotta
Publisher: Tom Marotta
Year: 2002
Tom Marotta on myspace.com
2 The Drop Band
There's Only Sound
(Paul Mascott)
There's Only Sound
Produced by: Paul Mascott/Syberdelix Records
Publisher: Masco Music, BMI
Year: 2002
2 Jennifer Marks
It Turned Me On
(Jennifer Marks)
It Turned Me On
Produced by: Brad Albetta/Cameron Greider
Publisher: Miss Mayhem
Year: 2002
3 Kid Cozmo
Numbers Game
(Noel Craig, d-swift)
Produced by: Noel Craig
Publisher: Down The Tubes Music (BMI)
Year: 2002
3 Paradox/2wx
Judgment Day
Dark Reign
Produced by: Paradox/2wx
Publisher: ASCAP
Year: 2003
4 Sometimes Seven
(Phil Avalos)
The Songs I Was Telling You About
Produced by: Josh Bartunek
Publisher: BMI
Year: 2002
4 Lipstick Traces
(Lipstick Traces)
Shower Diaries
Produced by: Lipstick Traces
Publisher: EL.T Music
Year: 2002
5 Mind Reflection (featuring Digital Explosion)
Find A Way

Produced by: Mind Reflection
Publisher: unknown
Year: 2003
5 Twelve Gauge Noise
Eyes Of Red
(Stan Marek, Ed Torres, Ralph Fernandez)
Twelve Gauge Noise
Produced by: Stan Marek
Publisher: Stan Marek
Year: 2002
6 Bradley Rountree
One Family
(Bradley Rountree)
Produced by: Bradley Rountree
Publisher: King Child Production
Year: 2002
6 Sheri Lynn
That's As Far As I'll Go
(T. Damphier, T. James)
All You Need
Produced by: Gary Morse
Publisher: County Q Productions
Year: 2000
7 Darren Rhodes
Coldest Night Since 1951
(R. Steele)
Jesse Told Becky Goodbye
Produced by: Keith Bradford
Publisher: unknown
Year: 2001
7 Think Of 3
Dawn Of A New Day
(James D. Harvey)
Dawn Of A New Day
Produced by: James D. Harvey & Mike D'Amore
Publisher: Thinking Music
Year: 2000
8 Robert Jackson
Jamie Says
(Robert Jackson)
Personal Jesus
Produced by: Robert Jackson
Publisher: Video Killed Music (ASCAP)
Year: 2001
8 Shepherd's Child
Change Of Heart
(Shepherd's Child)
Time To Believe
Produced by: Shepherd's Child
Publisher: Shepherd's Child
Year: 2000
Website: http://www.shepherds-child.com ==> n/a
9 Gordon Ellis
One Woman
(Gordon Ellis)
Memory Machine
Produced by: Kenny Royster & Gordon Ellis
Publisher: Gordel Music
Year: 2000
9 Vicki Lee
Searching For My Soul
(Vicki Lee Winnie/Harry King)
Touch Of Life
Produced by: Harry King
Publisher: Lydialec/Monday Rose
Year: 2001
10 The Hale's
Every Now And Then
(Chanz Hale)
A Small Portion Of The Big Picture
Produced by: Chanz & Paula Hale, Kerry Ford
Publisher: Lost Den Songs, Pub.
Year: 2000
10 DC Sayner
Picture Album
(DC Sayner (BMI), Sandra Sienerth (BMI))
Picture Album
Produced by: DC Sayner
Publisher: Misty's Mountain Memories, Penrose Co.
Year: 2001
Website: http://www.7citymusic.com ==> n/a

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.