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November 15, 2021

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    Disc One:
  1. Volume 1:
    Solarcade--"When She Comes"
  2. Volume 2:
    The JuJuBees--"Somebody Loves You"
  3. Volume 3:
    Sheri Lynn--"That's As Far As I'll Go"
  4. Volume 4:
    American Gypsy--"Safe Place"
  5. Volume 5:
    Rude Rooster--"Student Of Misery"
  6. Volume 6:
    Ganimead--"Space Rocks!"
  7. Volume 7:
    Felicia Rosati--"Alone In Love"
  8. Volume 8:
    Walter Duda--"Daylight Again"
  9. Volume 9:
    The Tara Charles Band--"Dark Eyes"
  10. Volume 10:
    Omeil--"Hot Girls"

    Disc Two:
  1. Volume 11:
    Richie Ray--"Right After Wrong"
  2. Volume 12:
    Sherry K--"Take Me Home"
  3. Volume 13:
    Dream Catcha--"Here I Am"
  4. Volume 14:
    Doug Mitchell--"Cries In The Dark"
  5. Volume 15:
    Sweet Crystal--"In God We Trust"
  6. Volume 16:
    The Rick Ray Band--"Until The End"
  7. Volume 17:
    Barry Fone--"Twenty-Four Seven"
  8. Volume 18:
    Just Megan--"Blue Avenue"
  9. Volume 19:
    Deby Kelley--"Open Road"
  10. Volume 20:
    Fair Warning--"On Fire"
  11. Honorary Mention: Ernie Oldfield (In Memoriam)

Release Date: August 8, 2008
The Best Of The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame
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Volume # Volume WinnerTotal Overall Votes Total Votes by Winner
Volume 1 Solarcade--"When She Comes" 60 49
Volume 2 The JuJuBees--"Somebody Loves You" 54 41
Volume 3 Sheri Lynn--"That's As Far As I'll Go" 80 54
Volume 4 American Gypsy--"Safe Place" 2,841 2,036
Volume 5 Rude Rooster--"Student Of Misery" 1,601 1,277
Volume 6 Ganimead--"Space Rocks" 211 120
Volume 7 Felicia Rosati--"Alone In Love" 92 88
Volume 8 Walter Duda--"Daylight Again" 37 36
Volume 9 The Tara Charles Band--"Dark Eyes" 5,493 4,318
Volume 10 Omeil--"Hot Girls" 417 379
Volume 11 Richie Ray--"Right After Wrong" 6,729 3,656
Volume 12 Sherry K--"Take Me Home" 2,405 2,390
Volume 13 Dream Catcha--"Here I Am" 2 2
Volume 14 Doug Mitchell--"Cries In The Dark" 165 111
Volume 15 Sweet Crystal--"In God We Trust" 1,366 821
Volume 16 The Rick Ray Band--"Until The End" 1,017 999
Volume 17 Barry Fone--"Twenty-Four Seven" 809 773
Volume 18 Just Megan--"Blue Avenue" 2,235 1,735
Volume 19 Deby Kelley--"Open Road" 15,467 8,786
Volume 20 Fair Warning--"On Fire" 3,042 1,371
Totals 44,123 29,042
Honorary Mention Ernie Oldfield--"Bread And Beans" 1,353 15,467
Complete Voting Coverage Results Solarcade The JuJuBees Sheri Lynn American Gypsy Rude Rooster Ganimead Felicia Rosati Walter Duda The Tara Charles Band Omeil Richie Ray Sherry K Dream Catcha Doug Mitchell Sweet Crystal The Rick Ray Band Barry Fone Just Megan Deby Kelley Fair Warning Ernie Oldfield

The Best Of The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One: Disc Two:
1 Volume 1: Solarcade
"When She Comes"
From The Deep End
Produced by: Solarcade
Publisher: Solarcade
1 Volume 11: Richie Ray
Right After Wrong
(Richard Glynn)
Street Dreams
Produced by: Richard Glynn
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
2 Volume 2: The JuJuBees
"Somebody Loves You"
(Steve Laxton)
Six Pack Of Pop
Produced by: Joe Brandstetter
Publisher: Big Sound Audio
Year: 2000
2 Volume 12: Sherry K
Take Me Home
(Sherry Klinedinst)
Produced by: Sherry Klinedinst
Publisher: Gene Michael Productions
Year: 2003
3 Volume 3: Sheri Lynn
"That's As Far As I'll Go"
(T. Damphier, T. James)
All You Need
Produced by: Gary Morse
Publisher: County Q Productions
Year: 2000
3 Volume 13: Dream Catcha
Here I Am
(Jeremy Harris)
Here I Am
Produced by: Stuart Stuart
Publisher: Dream Catcha
Year: 2003
4 Volume 4: American Gypsy
"Safe Place"
(American Gypsy)
Safe Place
Produced by: Jon Solo
Publisher: unknown
4 Volume 14: Doug Mitchell
Cries In The Dark
(Doug Mitchell)
Count The Stars
Produced by: Doug Mitchell
Publisher: Strawberry Soda Publishing
Year: 2003
5 Volume 5: Rude Rooster
Student Of Misery
Rude Rooster
Produced by: Rude Rooster
Publisher: Gniotunes ASCAP
Year: 2001
5 Volume 15: Sweet Crystal
In God We Trust
(Marq Andrew Speck)
Still Standing...
Produced by: Marq Andrew Speck
Publisher: Nightcrier Music, Inc. (BMI)
Year: 2001
6 Volume 6: Ganimead
"Space Rocks!"
(John Aldhous-Evans)
Space Rocks!
Produced by: John Aldhous-Evans
Publisher: none
6 Volume 16: The Rick Ray Band
Until The End
(Ray, Androse, Abraham, Schultz, Glorioso, Pallino)
Temporary World
Produced by: Rick Ray
Publisher: Neurosis Publishing
Year: 2005
7 Volume 7: Felicia Rosati
"Alone In Love"
It Came From Cleveland
Produced by: John McClellan
Publisher: Jumpin' Johnny Productions
Year: 2002
7 Volume 17: Barry Fone
"Twenty Four Seven"
(Barry Fone)
Song Of Love, Longing And Passion
Produced by: Barry Fone
Publisher: Barry Fone Music
8 Volume 8: Walter Duda
Daylight Again
(Walter Duda)
Daylight Again
Produced by: Jeff Jones, Walter Duda
Publisher: Dukeness Music, ASCAP
Year: 2000
8 Volume 18: Just Megan
"Blue Avenue"
(Megan Carlson)
Blue Avenue
Produced by: Megan Carlson
Publisher: n/a
9 Volume 9: The Tara Charles Band
"Dark Eyes"
(Tara Charles/Frank Romano)
Produced by: Buddy Hall
Publisher: Tricky Records
Year: 2003
9 Volume 19: Deby Kelley
"Open Road"
(Tom Paden/Doug Forshey)
Open Road
Produced by: Michael Radford
Publisher: Paden Place Music, Beset Built Songs
Year: 2006
10 Volume 10: Omeil
Hot Girl (feat. Posh)
(Omeil & Delion Reid)
Reggae Sweetheart
Produced by: Delion Reid
Publisher: Terrelonge Recordings
Year: 2003
10 Volume 20: Fair Warning
"On Fire"
(Van Halen)
Produced by: Michael Szramba
Publisher: Fair Warning Productions
Year: 2002
11 Honorary Mention: Ernie Oldfield (In Memoriam)
"Bread And Beans"
(Peter Jordan)
I Got What I Am
Produced by: Peter Jordan
Publisher: tba
Year: 2007

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by online voting for each Volume; courtesy of WSVNRadio.net.