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The Renovators
"Rhythm And Blueprints"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Rip Up The House
  • Everybody Loves
    The Blues
  • The Big One
  • Who's To Blame
  • Renovator's Boogie
  • It's Been Done
  • Something Else
  • Bandaido
  • Never Really Saw Your Face
  • You Snooze You Lose
  • Special Ride
  • Blue Reggae
  • I Don't Ski
  • I Keep Dreaming
  • Excavator

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    The Renovators
    "Rhythm And Blueprints"

    The Renovators, one of the best bands I've promoted from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame. They first appeared on our Volume 9 compilation. Led by Al Hemberger, the band is just outstanding, with their mix of good ol' Rock & Roll, Blues and Rock. They've also participated on our other compilations: A WSVNRadio Country compilation. Our second volume of Christmas from our Hall of Fame artists. UPDATE: The Renovators' are also on our WSVNRadio Blues compilation.

    The Renovators' second album as our Album Pick of the Week, is their 1999 release, Rhythm And Blueprints.

    This album is great Rock & Roll... "Rip Up The House" is a great Rock/Blues starter. "Everybody Loves The Blues" keeps the rock going, and who's doesn't like the Blues? "The Big One" is about fishing, and this song is on our WSVNRadio Blues compilation.

    "Who's To Blame" is smooooth...almost jazzy... "Renovator's Blues" is a Rock & Blues Jam! "It's Been Done" reminds me of the classic oldie tune, "Framed," which Bill Haley and Jerry Reed had recorded. "Something Else" is a cool boogie woogie type tune. "Bandaido" is another cool rocker instrumental. "Never Really Saw Your Face" has a more southern rock style, acoustic guitar style. "You Snooze, You Lose" is another cool boogie woogie number. "Special Ride" is another great Blues Rock-styled track.

    "Blue Reggae" has that off-Country sound, kinda like listening to either a Jimmy Buffett, or Kenny Chesney tune. More like a Tropical-styled track, like Buffett and/or Chesney. "I Don't Ski" is another cool and humorous tune. Cool, laid back, and a slight comparison to the mellow tunes of Stevie Ray Vaughn on "I Keep Dreaming." "Excavator" ends the album on another good Rockin' tune.

    The Renovators are one of those bands I can't get enough of, and so proud to have promoted them on our Hall of Fame series. They should be heard all over, especially on Blues and Country charts. Their albums are well worth collection. ALL of them... Their music is GREAT Rock & Roll, Blues, Country. Don't pass these guys up. They are worth listening to, and telling your friends about them. Their Blues Country has been reviewed, and now Rhythm And Blueprints. They ROCK!

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