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November 15, 2021

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  1. Brian Lynn Jones & The Misfit Cowboys--If I Was Elvis
  2. Joey Edwin--Cloud My Scene
  3. Wade Richardson--Three Little Words
  4. The Hale's--They Never Told Me
  5. Alligator Stew--Blood Money
  6. John Story--Whiskey Into Water
  7. Vicki Lee--Country Rube
  8. Gordon Ellis--Memory Machine
  9. DC Sayner--Hall Of Fame
  10. Melissa Gibson--Sleep Well Tonight
  11. The Renovators--You Must Be Over Me, 'Cause Now Your Under Him
  12. Tracylyn--Get Me Goin'
  13. Donald Wayne Johnson--One More Day
  14. Roger T. Taylor--A Littlie Bit Country
  15. DiAnne Foxx--Are You An Angel
  16. Loretta Hagen--Fear Of Love
  17. Hillbillys From Space--Let's Go Down
  18. Erica Brooke--What Love Looks Like
  19. Kathryn Grimm--Only God Loves Girls Who Play Guitar
  20. Pipapelli--Dog Dazed
  21. Sherry K--LL Ex (The Lu Lu Express)

Release Date: November 23, 2004
WSVN Country!
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WSVN Country
Track Listing & Credits
Songs 1-10 Songs 11-21
1 Brian Lynn Jones & The Misfit Cowboys
If I Was Elvis
(B.L. Jones, Jim Berault, Dan O'Bryant)
Nowhere To Be Found
Produced by: B.L. Jones & Richard Bredice
Publisher: Moore Okie Music/ASCAP
Year: 2001
(originally appeared on: Volume One)
11 The Renovators
You Must Be Over Me, 'Cause Now You're Under Him
(Hemberger, Rasero, Mayo, Hemberger)
Blues Country
Produced by: The Renovators
Publisher: Hemberger, Inc., RaserSongs, Melodious Thunk Music
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 9)
2 Joey Edwin
Cloud My Scene
(Joey Edwin)
Unless U Fall
Produced by: Joey Edwin
Publisher: Joey Edwin Music (BMI)
Year: 2001
(originally appeared on: Volume 8)
12 Tracylyn
Get Me Goin'
(Bob Dellaposta and My Three Kids Music)
Good Rain
Produced by: Cellar Records -- Todd Joos
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 6)
3 Wade Richardson
Three Little Words
(Wade Richardson)
I Am
Produced by: Jeff Huskins
Publisher: WRE
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 12)
13 Donald Wayne Johnson
One More Day
(Donald Wayne Johnson & Daniel Melnzer)
Half A Heart
Produced by: Donald Wayne Johnson
Publisher: First Hand Dude Music (BMI)
Year: 2002
(originally appeared on: Volume 6)
4 The Hale's
They Never Told Me
(Chanz Hale)
A Small Portion Of The Big Picture
Produced by: The Hale's/Kerry Ford
Publisher: Lost Den Songs Pub.
Year: 2000
(originally appeared on: Volume III)
14 Roger T. Taylor
A Little Bit Country
(Roger T. Taylor)
A Little Bit Country
Produced by: Roger T. Taylor
Publisher: Vector Studios
Year: 2004
(originally appeared on: Volume One)
5 Alligator Stew
Blood Money
(D. Richardson)
Alligator Stew
Produced by: Steve Werbelow, Alligator Stew
Publisher: Darcykaymusic ASCAP
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 15)
15 DiAnne Foxx
Are You An Angel
(Dianne Pittman & Skip Easterling)
Are You An Angel
Produced by: Skip Easterling
Publisher: Mohawk/Skywalker Publishing, BMI
Year: 2000
(originally appeared on: Volume 12)
6 John Story
Whiskey Into Water
(Randy Albright)
One Empty Swing
Produced by: Keith Bradford
Publisher: BMI/ASCAP
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 14)
16 Loretta Hagen
Fear Of Love
(Loretta Hagen)
Something More
Produced by: Gary Hagen, Loretta Hagen
Publisher: LHsongs
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 4)
7 Vicki Lee
Country Rube
(Laura Smith)
Touch Of Life
Produced by: Harry King
Publisher: Lydialee
Year: 2001
(originally appeared on: Volume III)
17 Hillbillys From Space
Let's Go Down
(Jim Eisinas, Bill Ohde, Art Gigner)
Alimony Row
Produced by: Charlie Pipes
Publisher: Peftap Music
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 4)
8 Gordon Ellis
Memory Machine
(Marty Rainone, Gordon Ellis)
Memory Machine
Produced by: Kenny Royster, Gordon Ellis
Publisher: OneRain Songs (ASCAP), Gordel Music (ASCAP)
Year: 2000
(originally appeared on: Volume III)
18 Erica Brooke
What Love Looks Like
(Lee Thomas Miller, Larry Michael White)
Heart Like Mine
Produced by: Julie McKay
Publisher: Mosaic Music
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 7)
9 DC Sayner
Hall Of Fame
(DC Sayner (BMI), Sandra Sienerth (BMI))
Picture Album (Special Edition)
Produced by: DC Sayner, 7City Productions
Publisher: 7City Productions; Misty's Mountain Memories
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume III)
19 Kathryn Grimm
Only God Loves Girls Who Play Guitar
(K. Grimm)
Kitchen Sink
Produced by: K. Grimm
Publisher: Grimm Girl Music
Year: 2002
(originally appeared on: Volume 4)
10 Melissa Gibson
Sleep Well Tonight
(Melissa Gibson)
Welcome To Stay
Produced by: Vaughn Lofstead
Publisher: Java Joe's Records
Year: 2003
(originally appeared on: Volume 6)
20 Pipapelli
Dog Dazed
(RJ & Cindy Grady)
Produced by: Cindy Grady
Publisher: Cranial Sabotage Subcellar Studios Hilltop/Lodge Records
Year: 2004
(originally appeared on: Volume One)
21 Sherry K
LL Ex (The Lu Lu Express)
(Sherry Klinedinst)
Produced by: Sherry Klinedinst
Publisher: Gene Michael Productions
Year: 2002
(originally appeared on: Volume 12)

Brian Lynn Jones Joey Edwin Wade Richardson The Hale's Alligator Stew John Story Vicki Lee Gordon Ellis DC Sayner Melissa Gibson The Renovators Tracylyn Donald Wayne Johnson Roger T. Taylor DiAnne Foxx Loretta Hagen Hillbillys From Space Erica Brooke Kathryn Grimm Pipapelli Sherry K