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November 15, 2021

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  1. Bells Are Ringing--Wade Richardson
  2. Peace And Holidays--Mystified
  3. The Little Drummer Boy--Erik Erikson
  4. Open Up Heaven's Door--Mighty Sam McClain
  5. Labrynth Of Love--Ellee Ven
  6. A Peaceful World--Debbie G.
  7. Under The Christmas Tree--Ted Demas & John McClellan
  8. Jingle Bells Boogie--The Renovators
  9. Rootin Tootin Santa Claus--Marty Whiddon
  10. All I Want For Christmas Is You--Rustie Blue
  11. Hark The Herald Angels Sing--Kimmy & Klasse
  12. Christmas Of Love--Tresa Street
  13. Santa's On His Way--Miss Kristin
  14. So Much Of Me In You--Michael Charles
  15. Happy Blue Year--Chainsaw Dupont
  16. 1914--Steph Deskins
  17. That's What I Want For Christmas--James Lee Stanley
  18. O Holy Night--Scott Landers
  19. Let It Snow--Jack Frost & The Christmas Band
  20. Christmas Morning--Jim Fusco

Release Date: December 16, 2008
A WSVNRadio Christmas Volume II CD!
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A WSVNRadio Christmas, Volume II
Track Listing & Credits
1 Wade Richardson
Bells Are Ringing
(Wade Richardson)
album tba
Produced by: Wade Richardson
Publisher: Wade Richardson
Year: 2004
(appeared on: Volume 12)
11 Kimmy & Klasse
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
(Public Domain)
A Kimmy & Klasse Khristmas
Produced by: Kimmy J. Kearse and Sandra L. Stockton
Publisher: Kimmy J. Kearse and Sandra L. Stockton
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 16)
2 Mystified
Peace And Holidays
(Thomas Park)
Produced by: Thomas Park
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 13)
12 Tresa Street
Christmas Of Love
(Rick Chertoff/David Forman/Rob Herman)
Christmas Of Love
Produced by: Michael Radford
Publisher: Dub Notes admin. by WB Corp./
Monkey In The Middle admin. by Universal-Polygram Int'l Pub. In./
Forman Gale, LLC/Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Year: 2006
(appeared on: Volume 4)
3 Erik Erikson
The Little Drummer Boy
(Katherine K. Davis)
From The Top Drawer
Produced by: Erik Erikson/Matt deRoad
Publisher: EEE Productions Ltd.
Year: 2002
(appeared on: Volume 15)
13 Miss Kristin
Santa's On His Way
(Miss Kristin Pedderson)
A Miss Kristin Christmas
Produced by: Miss Kristin Padderson
Publisher: Brave Girl Music BMI
Year: 2007
(appeared on: Volume 15)
4 Mighty Sam McClain
Open Up Heaven's Door
(Sam McClain)
One More Bridge To Cross
Produced by: Sam McClain
Publisher: Emily & Son Pub.
Year: 2004
(appeared on: Volume 9)
14 Michael Charles
So Much Of Me In You
(Michael Charles)
Keep Walking
Produced by: Michael Charles
Publisher: Moonlight Label
Year: 1999
(appeared on: Volume 19)
5 Ellee Ven
Labrynth Of Love
(Tracy Bartelle/Ellee Ven)
Funky Bohemia
Produced by: Tracy Bartelle
Publisher: Ellee Ven Music Group/Circe Invidiosa Music
Year: 2004
(appeared on: Volume 8)
15 Chainsaw Dupont
Happy Blue Year
(Mr. Big/Dupont)
Produced by: Steve Pasek
Publisher: Blues Warrior/Bluesomatic
Year: 2007
(appeared on: Volume 20)
6 Debbie G.
A Peaceful World
(J.C. Unger & C.J. Mack)
A Debbie G. Christmas
Produced by: J.C. Unger
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 16)
16 Steph Deskins
(Steph Deskins)
Produced by: Steph Deskins
Publisher: Gold Guitars Music
Year: 2007
(appeared on: Volume 20)
7 Ted Demas & John McClellan
Under The Christmas Tree
(John McClellan)
It Came From Cleveland
Produced by: John McClellan
Publisher: Jumpin' Johnny Productions
Year: 2006
(appeared on: Volume 7)
17 James Lee Stanley
That's What I Want For Christmas
(James Lee Stanley/Thom Bishop)
A Beachwood Christmas
Produced by: James Lee Stanley
Publisher: James Lee Stanley Music, BMI
Year: 2005
(appeared on: Volume 2)
8 The Renovators
Jingle Bell Boogie
(The Renovators)
Rockin' Good Christmas
Produced by: The Renovators
Publisher: The Renovators
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 9)
18 Scott Landers
O Holy Night
(Adolphe Adam)
Produced by: Scott Landers
Publisher: Scott Landers
Year: 2006
(appeared on: Volume 13)
9 Marty Whiddon
Rootin Tootin Santa Claus
(Marty Whiddon)
Christmas With Marty
Produced by: Roy Baham/Marty Whiddon
Publisher: Tangi Music
Year: 2004
(appeared on: Volume 15)
19 Jack Frost & The Christmas Band
Let It Snow
(Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn)
Jack Frost & The Christmas Band Volume 1
Produced by: Ivan Valles
Publisher: WB Music Obo Cahn Music Company/
Chappell And Co. Producers Music Publishing Co.
Year: © 2007
(will appear on: Volume 22 [as Neon Camera])
10 Rustie Blue
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Merry Christmas
Produced by: Robert Keister
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 17)
20 Jim Fusco
Christmas Morning
(Jim Fusco)
Our Christmas Gift To You
Produced by: Jim Fusco
Publisher: Fusco-Moore Publications
Year: 2008
(will appear on: Volume 22)

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Wade Richardson Mystified Erik Erikson Mighty Sam McClain Ellee Ven Debbie G. Ted Demas & John McClellan The Renovators Marty Whiddon Rustie Blue Kimmy & Klasse Tresa Street Miss Kristin Michael Charles Chainsaw Dupont Steph Deskins James Lee Stanley Scott Landers Jack Frost & The Christmas Band Jim Fusco