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November 15, 2021

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    Disc One:
  1. Low Down Feelin' Blues--Lou DeAdder
  2. Pete's Girlfriend--Travis Allison Band
  3. Old Soldiers And Gypsy Women--American Gypsy
  4. All Kinds Of A Fool--Brad Wilson
  5. Rev. Bubba & The Cornhole Prophets--Cold Budweiser
  6. My Shadow--Michael Charles
  7. Walking Shoes--Stefanie Fix
  8. Don't Lie--Griff Hamlin Band
  9. Love In Vain--Bill Mumy
  10. The Big One--The Renovators

    Disc Two:
  1. Cat Nap Later--Doug Varty & The Old Chicago Band
  2. Tell The Truth--Haven
  3. To Be Alone With You--Maria Muldaur
  4. A Man Like You--Gail Muldrow
  5. Try--Craig Caffall
  6. Howlin' At The Moon--Rich Perez
  7. 24-7-365--Michael Quest
  8. I'm A Bluesman--Guitarboy
  9. Freedom Blues--Think Of 3
  10. Black Lagoon--Pipapelli

Release Date: December 30, 2016
WSVNRadio Blues CD!
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WSVN Blues
Track Listing & Credits
1 Disc One:
Lou DeAdder
Low Down Feelin' Blues
(Lou DeAdder)
album Number 5
Produced by: Lou DeAdder
Publisher: Lou DeAdder, Brett Piekarz
Year: 2010
(appeared on: Volume 17)
11 Disc Two:
Doug Varty
Cat Nap Later
(Doug Varty)
4th Anniversary
Produced by: Doug Varty
Publisher: Doug Varty Music
Year: 1997
(appeared on: Volume 2 as Little Rock)
2 Travis Allison Band
Pete's Girlfriend
(Travis Allison)
Migrant Heart
Produced by: Travis Allison
Publisher: Travis Allison
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 5)
12 Haven
Tell The Truth
(Steve Hunt, Brett Tuggle, David Lee Roth)
Warmth In The Wilderness
Produced by: Lars Eric Mattsson and Haven
Publisher: Chrysalis Music, Deaconsongs, Diamond Dave Music, Tuggle Tunes
Year: 2001
(appeared on: Volume 2)
3 American Gypsy
Old Soldiers And Gypsy Women
(American Gypsy)
Safe Place
Produced by: Jon Solo
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2002
(appeared on: tba)
13 Maria Muldaur
To Be Alone With You
(Bob Dylan)
Live In Concert
Produced by: Joel Jaffee
Publisher: Travis Allison
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 23)
4 Brad Wilson
All Kinds Of A Fool
(Brad Wilson)
Rockin' The Blues
Produced by: Brad Wilson
Publisher: Cali Bee Music
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 20)
14 Gail Muldrow
Your Love Won't Go
(Gail Muldrow)
Cleen Spirit
Produced by: Karl Anderson
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 23)
5 Rev. Bubba & The Cornhole Propohets
Cold Budweiser
(Gary Harrison/Chris Stapleton)
Watermelon Fields Forever
Produced by: Mike Hooks
Publisher: Sony/ATV/EMI/Sea Gayle
Year: not out til 2011
(appeared on: tba)
15 Craig Caffall
Mudbugs And Dixie Beer
(Craig Caffall)
Hold Me Up
Produced by: Joel Jaffee
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 23)
6 Michael Charles
My Shadow
(Michael Charles)
My Shadow
Produced by: Michael Charles
Publisher: Michael Charles
Year: 1996
(appeared on: Volume 19)
16 Rich Perez
Howlin' At The Moon
(Rich Perez)
Produced by: Rich Perez
Publisher: Rich Perez
Year: 2009
(appeared on: Volume 4 as Detour)
7 Stefanie Fix
Walking Shoes
(Stefanie Fix)
Crooked Smile
Produced by: Stephen Doster & Johnny Goudie
Publisher: Get Your Fix Publishing
Year: 2007
(appeared on: Volume 4)
17 Michael Quest
(Michael Pudelko)
Blues From 3 +
Produced by: Michael Quest
Publisher: Michael Quest BMI
Year: 2012
(appeared on: Volume 23)
8 Griff Hamlin Band
Don't Lie
(Griff Hamlin)
Griff Hamlin Band
Produced by: Griff Hamlin
Publisher: GHB Productions
Year: 2001
(appeared on: Volume 6)
18 Guitarboy
I'm A Bluesman
Uncaught Exception
Produced by: Baker Scott
Publisher: ASCAP
Year: 2012
(appeared on: Volume 4)
9 Bill Mumy
Love In Vain
(Robert Johnson)
Glorious In Defeat
Produced by: Global Recording Artists
Publisher: So Boss Music 2010
Year: 2010
(appeared on: Volume 22)
19 Think Of 3
Freedom Blues
(James D. Harvey)
Train To Glory
Produced by: James D. Harvey and Walt Collins
Publisher: James D. Harvey
Year: 2010
(appeared on: Volume 3)
10 The Renovators
The Big One
(Rasero, Hemberger, Hemberger & Mayo)
Rhythm & Blueprints
Produced by: The Renovators
Publisher: Raserosongs, Hemberger, Inc., Melodious Thunk
Year: 2000
(appeared on: Volume 09)
20 Pipapelli
Black Lagoon
(RJ Grady, Cindy Grady, Dana Koone)
Live Inside The Creature
Produced by: RJ Grady
Publisher: Lodge Records
Year: 2013
(appeared on: Volume 01)

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Lou DeAdder Travis Allison Band American Gypsy Brad Wilson Rev. Bubba & The Cornhole Prophets Michael Charles Stefanie Fix Griff Hamlin Band Bill Mumy The Renovators Doug Varty Haven Maria Muldaur Gail Muldrow Craig Caffall Rich Perez Michael Quest GuitarBoy Think Of 3 Pipapelli