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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. James Lee Stanley--Stolen Season
  2. Lenore--Wastin' Time
  3. Fletcher Harrington--Paralyzed
  4. Little Rock--Sheila
  5. Pie Eyed Pete--Supersonic Girl
  6. Evil Beaver--Cherry Master
  7. Seismic Anamoly--Broken Dreams
  8. Cindy Lu--Guess I Didn't See It Comin'
  9. The JuJuBees--Somebody Loves You
  10. Hook The Captain--I'll Follow You
Disc Two
  1. Haven--Hold On
  2. Bob Charles & Carol Lowery--I Feel So Much Better
  3. 3kStatic--Strangebait (original version)
  4. 70x7--Childhood
  5. DJ JeffD--Horizon
  6. Sherreece--Where Is The Love (Droid's Dance Mix)
  7. Paduc--Symphony For A New Life (Guitar Mix)
  8. Spirit Creek--Rise
  9. PT Phunk--Dance (Turbo FX Mix)
  10. DJ Catatonic--City Science
  • Honorary Mentions:
    Illinois Entertainer,
    Wayne R. Rogaczewski, mp3CollegeRadioNetwork.com
  • January 7, 2003
    The Second 20 artists
    The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 2 CD!
    Click on the any of the album covers below,
    for each artist's website

    Volume 2 James Lee Stanley Lenore Fletcher Harrington Little Rock Pie Eyed Pete Evil Beaver Seismic Anamoly Cindy Lu The JuJuBees Hook The Captain Haven Bob Charles & Carol Lowery 3kStatic 70x7 (Seventy Times Seven) DJ JeffD Sherreece Paduc Spirit Creek DJ Catatonic PT Phunk

    The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
    Volume 2
    Track Listing & Credits
    Disc One Disc Two
    1 James Lee Stanley
    "Stolen Season"
    (James Lee Stanley)
    Traces Of The Lost Road
    Produced by: James Lee Stanley
    Publisher: The Real James Lee Stanley Music, SESAC
    Year: 2003
    1 Haven
    "Hold On"
    (Pamme, John Vanselow, Michael Brody, Jimmy Hotz)
    Produced by: John Vanselow, Michael Brody
    Publisher: Pamme's Ark Publishing (ASCAP),
    Point Of Magic Publishing (ASCAP)
    Funk Junk Music (BMI), Palantire Publishing (ASCAP)
    Year: 2000
    2 Lenore
    "Wastin' Time"
    (Lenore Elaine)
    Summer Dancing
    Produced by: Lenore Elaine
    Publisher: Lenore Elaine (Socan)
    Year: 2002
    2 Bob Charles & Carol Lowery
    "I Feel So Much Better"
    Carol & Corey Lowery
    Remixed And Fixed
    Produced by: Carol Lowery
    Publisher: B & C
    Year: 2002
    3 Fletcher Harrington
    (Fletcher Harrington)
    Eyes On Fire And Knuckles Sore
    Produced by: THe Hole In The Wall Gang
    Publisher: Lopie Records
    Year: 2001
    3 3kStatic
    "Strangebait" (original version)
    (D. Capone/M. Kilzer)
    Angel Of Light
    Produced by: D. Capone
    Publisher: dPulse
    Year: 2002
    4 Little Rock
    (Doug Varty)
    Little Rock
    Produced by: Ron Schroeyens
    Publisher: Doug Varty Music (Socan)
    Year: 2002
    4 70x7 (Seventy Times Seven)
    (B.J. Collins)
    97 + 99
    Produced by: B.J. Collins
    Publisher: B.J. Collins
    Year: 2002
    5 Pie Eyed Pete
    "Supersonic Girl"
    (Peter Cimbalo)
    Death Of A Teenaged Idol
    Produced by: John Whildin
    Publisher: Lanky Monkey Records
    Year: 2001
    5 DJ JeffD
    (Jeff Delgado)
    Produced by: Jeff Delgado
    Publisher: Jeff Delgado
    Year: 2002
    DJ JeffD on myspace.com
    6 Evil Beaver
    "Cherry Master"
    (Evil Beaver)
    Lick It!
    Produced by: Evil Beaver/Dave Trumfio
    Year: 2002
    6 Sherreece
    "Where Is The Love (Droid's Dance Mix)"
    (Sherreece, W. Rogge, B. Santo)
    Where Is The Love
    Produced by: Sherreece, W. Rogge, B. Santo
    Year: 2002
    7 Seismic Anamoly
    "Broken Dreams"
    (Mike Skelton)
    Produced by: Mike Skelton
    Publisher: Mike Skelton
    Year: 2002
    7 Paduc
    "Symphony For A New Life" (Guitar Mix)
    Produced by: Paduc
    Publisher: Paduc
    Year: 2002
    8 Cindy Lu
    "Guess I Didn't See It Comin'"
    (Jeff Hemmerlin)
    A Tribute To The Country Legends
    Produced by: Cindy Lu & Jeff Hemmerlin
    Publisher: Cindy Lu Giordano Music
    Year: 2002
    8 Spirit Creek
    (Doug Shea)

    Produced by: Steven Haigler
    Publisher: Hollow Dance Music
    Year: 2002
    9 The JuJuBees
    "Somebody Loves You"
    (Steve Laxton)
    6 Pack Of Pop
    Produced by: Joe Brandstetter
    Publisher: Big Sound Audio
    Year: 2000
    9 PT Phunk
    "Dance (Turbo FX Mix)"
    (PT Phunk)
    Produced by: PT Phunk
    Publisher: Swirlin' Eddy Records 2000
    Year: 2002
    10 Hook The Captain
    "I'll Follow You"
    (Justin Katz)
    Bang To This
    Produced by: Justin Katz
    Year: 2002
    10 DJ Catatonic
    "City Science"
    (DJ Catatonic)
    Creamy Dream (Parental Advisory)
    Produced by: DJ Catatonic
    Publisher: Independent Artist
    Year: 2002
    Honorary Mentions:
    Illinois Entertainer (http://www.illinoisentertainer.com)
    Wayne R. Rogaczewski of mp3CollegeRadioNetwork (http://www.mp3collegeradionetwork.com)

    NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.