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November 15, 2021

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  1. No Rules--After The War
  2. The Idea--Sentimental
  3. The Seventh Season--Pirate Song
  4. Melisa Prestianni--My Prayer
  5. Seizure Crypt--Chompin' At The Bit
  6. JoDell--That's The Way Love's Supposed To Be
  7. Random Allies--Have Some Fun
  8. Donnie Williams--Higher Power
  9. Don Moore--Beyond The Sun
  10. Whitehouse--Nobody To Blame
  11. Paul Reece--Enjoy Yourself
  12. Deby Kelly--Open Road
  13. Petrella--100 Proof Woman
  14. John Batdorf--Can't Be Trusted
  15. Bill Kelly--Yelling At You In My Head
  16. Michael Charles--The Tune (The Chords My Daddy Taught Me)
  17. Ernie Oldfield--Bread And Beans
  18. Nancy Mareen--Heartbeat
  19. Sir Guitar--Wooden Guitar
  20. NatureDevil--We're Big In Europe

Release Date: October 2, 2007
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 19
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No Rules The Idea The Seventh Season Melisa Prestianni Seizure Crypt JoDell Random Allies Donnie Williams Don Moore Whitehouse Paul Reece Deby Kelley Petrella John Batdorf Bill Kelly Michael Charles Ernie Oldfield Nancy Mareen Sir Guitar NatureDevil

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 19
Track Listing & Credits
1 No Rules
"After The War"
(Tommy Magnusson, Martin Nilsson)
Where We Belong
Produced by: Tommy Magnusson
Publisher: Tommy Magnusson
11 Paul Reece
"Enjoy Yourself"
(Paul Reece)
I'm Happy Cause I'm Sing
Produced by: Paul Reece
Publisher: Paul Reece
Year: 2007
2 The Idea
Alter Ego Rehabiltation Centre
Produced by: Mitch Salisbury/Fran Ashcroft
Publisher: Insular Discs
12 Deby Kelley
"Open Road"
(Tom Paden/Doug Forshey)
Open Road
Produced by: Michael Radford
Publisher: Paden Place Music, Beset Built Songs
Year: 2006
3 The Seventh Season
"Pirate Song"
(Yuri Batygih)
Produced by: The Seventh Season
Publisher: CDBaby.com
Year: 2006
13 Petrella
"100 Proof Woman"
(Lynn Thomas)
100 Proof Woman
Produced by: Jack Gale/Walt Cunningham
Publisher: Brighteside Music
Year: 2007
4 Melisa Prestianni
"My Prayer"
(Melisa Prdstianni)
Overwhelmed With Love
Produced by: Luna Sound (Lorenzo Crescibene)r
Publisher: B&M Publishing
14 John Batdorf
"Can't Be Trusted"
(John Batdorf/Michael McLean)
Home Again
Produced by: John Batdorf
Publisher: Batmac Music BMI/Shining Star Music ASCAP
Year: 2007
5 Seizure Crypt
"Chompin' At The Bit"
(Tom Reardon/Douglas Williamson)
City Of New York
Produced by: self
Publisher: self
15 Bill Kelly
"Yelling At You In My Head"
(Bill Kelly)
Bread On The Waters
Produced by: Lincoln Schliefer
Publisher: William L. Kelly III
Year: 2007
6 JoDell
"That's The Way Love's Supposed To Be"
(JoDell Nauert)
More Than I Ever Dreamed
Produced by: Jim Morris Jim Pierce JoDell Nauert
Publisher: n/a
16 Michael Charles
"The Tune (The Chords My Daddy Taught Me)"
(Michael Charles)
I'm Nobody's Fool
Produced by: Michael Charles
Publisher: Michael Charles
Year: 2006
7 Random Allies
"Have Some Fun"
(Walter Lasky & Ted Bonis)
Thunder Run
Produced by: Walter Lasky & Ted Barnes
Publisher: Adjessa Music
17 Ernie Oldfield
"Bread And Beans"
(Peter Jordan)
I Got What I Am
Produced by: Peter Jordan
Publisher: tba
Year: 2007
8 Donnie Williams
"Higher Power"
(Paul Tillman Sith)
Just Like Magic
Produced by: Paul Tillman Sith
Publisher: Chump Change Music
Year: 2007
18 Nancy Mareen
(Peter Jordan)
Produced by: Peter Jordan
Publisher: Peter Jordan
Year: 2006 Europe/2007 Worldwide
9 Don Moore
"Beyond The Sun"
(Don Moore)
Axe Attack
Produced by: Don Moore
Publisher: Don Moore
Year: 2006
19 Sir Guitar
"Wooden Guitar"
(Peter Jordan)
Wooden Guitar
Produced by: Peter Jordan
Publisher: Peter Jordan
Year: 2007
10 Whitehouse
"Nobody to Blame"
(Jose Amigo)
Produced by: Whitehouse
Publisher: Jose Amigo/Whitehouse
Year: 2006
20 NatureDevil
"We're Big In Europe"
(Brian S. Lambiecht)
Through The Rod (Demo)
Produced by: Brian S. Lambiecht
Publisher: Brian S. Lambiecht (Indie)
Year: 2006

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the first 20 artists for this collection.