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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. Erica Brooke--Satisfied
  2. Collins-Shaw Project--Here We Go
  3. Fred Atkins--Nobody Like Jesus
  4. Michael Harding--Get It From Me
  5. Charlie Nice--Main Street
  6. Jiana Macuda--You Think You Got Game
  7. Sutrobath--Bitter
  8. Waterband--Let It Flow
  9. Lazy American Workers--The Tattoo Guru
  10. Hugo--Alive And Wide Awake
Disc Two
  1. Bob Allen--Soul Brother
  2. Quick Peak--Dance Of The Wind
  3. Agnus Dei--Choice Of Weapons
  4. Paul Wilbur--Pictures Of Libby
  5. The Dead Yellow--Last Time
  6. Divided Sky--Missing Persons
  7. The Process--Rapdown
  8. Scott Lecole--Confused
  9. Felicia Rosati--Alone In Love
  10. Kristin Mainhart--So Sweet
  • Honorary Mention: IndieBible.com
  • July 29, 2003
    The Seventh 20 artists
    The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 7 CD!
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    The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
    Volume 7
    Track Listing & Credits
    Disc One Disc Two
    1 Erica Brooke
    (Gary Johnson, et. al)
    Heart Like Mine
    Produced by: Julie McKay
    Publisher: EB Entertainment
    Year: 2003
    11 Bob Allen
    Soul Brother
    (Bob Allen)
    Soul Brother
    Produced by: Bob Allen, Gerald James
    Publisher: BMI
    Year: 2003
    2 Collins-Shaw Project
    Here We Go
    (D. Collins/B. Shaw)
    Picking Locks EP
    Produced by: D. Collins
    Publisher: L.T. Productions
    Year: 1999/2000
    12 Quick Peak
    Dance Of The Wind
    (Brian Stemetzki and Joe Holland)
    Produced by: Quick Peak
    Publisher: Brian Stemetzki/Joe Holland
    Year: 2001
    3 Fred Atkins
    Nobody Like Jesus
    (Fred Atkins)
    My Great Loss Today
    Produced by: Fred Atkins
    Publisher: Annie Bell's Memory Music, BMI
    Year: 2002
    13 Agnus Dei
    Choice Of Weapons
    (Gerald Krampl)
    Produced by: Gerald Krampl
    Publisher: Gerald Krampl
    Year: 2002
    4 Michael Harding
    Get It From Me
    (Jean Alford)
    I'll Be Gone
    Produced by: Jean Alford/Pete Wade
    Publisher: Alear Music, Inc.
    Year: 2003
    14 Paul Wilbur
    Pictures Of Libby
    (Paul Wilbur)
    Six Pack Willy
    Produced by: Paul Wilbur
    Publisher: Paul Wilbur
    Year: 2003
    5 Charlie Nice
    Main Street
    (Tim Lyons & Anthony Truglio)
    Charlie Nice
    Produced by: Charlie Nice
    Publisher: Longtooth Music
    Year: 2003
    15 The Dead Yellow
    Last Time
    (The Dead Yellow)
    The Dead Yellow EP
    Produced by: Brian McKenzie
    Publisher: The Dead Yellow
    Year: 2003
    6 Jiana Macuda
    You Think You Got Game
    (William Messner, Jiana Macuda, Stefanie Berecz, Tiffany Turner, Amy O'Meara)
    Jiana Macuda Debut
    Produced by: William Messner
    Publisher: William Messner
    Year: 2003
    16 Divided Sky
    Missing Persons
    (Scott Radway, Sean Crisden)
    Produced by: Michael Nuceder, Divided Sky
    Publisher: Divided Sky Music
    Year: 2002
    7 Sutrobath
    Produced by: Staci Beavers and Sutrobath
    Publisher: None
    Year: 2003
    17 The Process
    (David Asher/Garrick Owen)
    Blood + Bones
    Produced by: The Process and Gee Pierce
    Publisher: Addis Music/Tolchok Publishing
    Year: 2003
    8 Waterband
    Let It Flow
    (Rick Phillips/David McDougald)
    Produced by: David McDougald
    Publisher: Cool & Groovy Productions
    Year: 2003
    18 Scott Lecole
    (Scott Lecole & Andrea Shore)
    Scott Lecole
    Produced by: Scott Lecole
    Publisher: Everymansmusic
    Year: 2003
    9 Lazy American Workers
    The Tattoo Guru
    (Lazy American Workers)
    Surf Lake Erie
    Produced by: Lazy American Workers
    Publisher: Lazy American Workers
    Year: 2003
    19 Felicia Rosati
    Alone In Love
    It Came From Cleveland
    Produced by: John McClellan
    Publisher: Jumpin' Johnny Productions
    Year: 2002
    10 Hugo
    Alive And Wide Awake
    Feeding Ahhs
    Produced by: Tony Battaglia and Hugo
    Publisher: Big Ant Music
    Year: 2003
    20 Kristin Mainhart
    So Sweet
    (K. Mainhart/R. Schwatz)
    Kristin Mainhart
    Produced by: Kromozones
    Publisher: Zomes Music (BMI)
    Year: 2003

    NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
    Erica Brooke Collins-Shaw Project Fred Atkins Michael Harding Charlie Nice Jiana Macuda Kristin Mainhart Sutrobath Waterband Lazy American Workers Hugo Bob Allen Quick Peak Agnus Dei Paul Wilbur Dead Yellow Divided Sky The Process Scott Lecole Felicia Rosati IndieBible.com