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November 15, 2021

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Disc One:
  1. Soniq Theater--The Angel Of Zeus
  2. Les Fradkin--Magic Attic
  3. Genie--Wildflowers
  4. Dreamdaze--Illumined Pleasures
  5. Jr. Blues Band--Blues Man
  6. Diane Marie Kloba--Like Me
  7. Arms Of Kismet--Karma Never Forgets
  8. Reed Dickinson--Ruby Red Eyes
  9. Extoll-Chain Me Down
  10. Brandon Patton--Did That All Before
Disc Two
  1. Tammy Raybould--Loving You
  2. Ed Drury--Come To The Gathering
  3. Shine--Time Will Lend A Hand
  4. Bryon Thompson--All Fun And Games
  5. Joseph Patrick Moore--Groove Messenger
  6. Dein Schatten--Free
  7. Soundproof--Jakeomya
  8. John Story--One Empty Swing
  9. Doug Mitchell--Cries In The Dark
  10. Martin Jaye--Always

Release Date: July, 13, 2004
The Fourteenth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 14 CD!
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The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 14
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One Disc Two
1 Soniq Theater
The Angel Of Zeus
(Alfred Mueller)
The Third Eye
Produced by: Alfred Mueller
Publisher: private release
Year: 2003
11 Tammy Raybould
Loving You
(Tammy Raybould)
Produced by: Jay Ruston
Publisher: Tammy Raybould/Boulder Records
Year: 1999
2 Les Fradkin
Magic Attic
(Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin)
Reality-The Rock Opera
Produced by: Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin
Publisher: Fradkin 2000 Music (ASCAP)
Year: 2003
12 Ed Drury
Come To The Gathering
(Ed Drury)
Songs From The Man Made Lake
Produced by: Ed Drury
Publisher: Ed Drury
Year: 2003
3 Genie
Wildflowers (for Grandmother)
(Genie Nilsson, Troy Nilsson)
Produced by: Genie Nilsson, Troy Nilsson
Publisher: Troy & Genie Nilsson Songs (BMI)
Year: 2003
13 Shine
Time Will Lend A Hand
(Neil Bell/Jeff Fairbank)
Gently Insane
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Publisher: Shine
Year: 2001
4 DreamDaze
Illumined Pleasures
(DJ Dazed)
This Is How Flat The World Is
Produced by: DJ Dazed
Publisher: Rawuz
Year: 2003
14 Bryon Thompson
All Fun And Games
(Bryon Thompson)
Get On With It
Produced by: Bryon Thompson
Publisher: Bryon Thompson
Year: 2003
5 Jr. Blues Band
Blues Man
(Keith Zofkie)
They Call Me Jr.
Produced by: Keith Zofkie
Publisher: Keith Zofkie
Year: 2003
15 Joseph Patrick Moore
Groove Messenger
(J.P. Moore, D. Freeman, B. Taylor, B. Camcho)
Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum And Bass Society, Volume 1
Produced by: Joseph Patrick Moore
Publisher: Music Moore Publishing (BMI)
Year: 2004
6 Diane Marie Kloba
Like Me
(Diane Marie Kloba)
I Kid You Not
Produced by: Diane Marie Kloba
Publisher: Diane Marie Kloba
Year: 2003
16 Dein Schatten
(Dieter Bornschlegel)
Das Ewige Eis
Produced by: Dieter Bornschlegel
Publisher: n/a
Year: Russia 2003/Germany 2004
7 Arms Of Kismet
Karma Never Forgets
(Mark Doyan)
Produced by: Mark Doyan
Publisher: Mark Doyan
Year: 2004
17 SoundProof
(Jason Hanley)
SoundProof (1999-2003)
Produced by: Jason Hanley
Publisher: Soundproof Production
Year: 2003
8 Reed Dickinson
Ruby Red Eyes
(Reed Dickinson)
Produced by: Paul Caruso
Publisher: Flying Kite Records
Year: 2003
18 John Story
One Empty Swing
(Randy Albright)
One Empty Swing
Produced by: Keith Bradford
Publisher: BMI/ASCAP
Year: 2003
9 Extoll
Chain Me Down
(Ricky Kay & Alex Track)
Produced by: Ricky Kay & Alex Track
Publisher: Extoll Publishing
Year: 2004
19 Doug Mitchell
Cries In The Dark
(Doug Mitchell)
Count The Stars
Produced by: Doug Mitchell
Publisher: Strawberry Soda Publishing
Year: 2003
10 Brandon Patton
Did That All Before
(Brandon Patton)
Should Confusion
Produced by: Brandon Patton
Publisher: Brandon Patton
Year: 2003
20 Martin Jaye
(M. Jaye/R. Lowe)
Produced by: Martin Jaye
Publisher: Irv-Lo-Mar Music Company (ASCAP)
Year: 2004

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Soniq Theater Les Fradkin Genie DreamDaze Jr. Blues Band Diane Marie Kloba Arms Of Kismet Reed Dickinson Extoll Brandon Patton Tammy Raybould Ed Drury Shine Bryon Thompson Joseph Patrick Moore Dein Schatten Soundproof John Story Doug Mitchell Martin Jaye