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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. Shane Keane--Pearl McCoy
  2. Karen Daniel--Love Your Neighbor
  3. Bill Eggleston--Reaching Out (The Butterfly Effect)
  4. Broken Brains--Rock 'n' Roll Ho'lyday
  5. Sammi Morelli--Let Me Be The One
  6. Leila--If You're Gonna Leave
  7. Soundtrack Mind--It's Just Right
  8. Travis Allison Band--Long Time Gone
  9. Kenny Walker-The Key
  10. Brand New Jalopy--Leave Me Alone
Disc Two
  1. Norman Fell--Two Views
  2. Rude Rooster--Student Of Misery
  3. Alex Bach--Anymore
  4. Ed Jurdi--Love Me Till The Sunshines
  5. Eileen Carey--Joey
  6. Songman Mel--Our Love Will Last
  7. Rainbow's End--Love Conquers All
  8. Leon--Baby Don't Go
  9. Mortice--Sunset
  10. Antoine Gantt--Good Times

April 29, 2003
The Fifth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 5 CD!
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The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 5
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One Disc Two
1 Shane Keane
Pearl McCoy
(Mark Stegall, Scott Edmunds, Steve Frazier)
Bad Attitude
Produced by: Ed Russell
Publisher: Alley Roads (BMI), Cats Alley (ASCAP)
Year: 2002
1 Norman Fell
Two Views
(George E. Pauley)
Super Lucky
Produced by:
Publisher: Norman Fell
Year: 2003
2 Karen Daniel
Love Your Neighbor
(Karen Daniel)
Songs Of Love
Produced by: Karen Daniel & Gerry Peters
Publisher: independent
Year: 2003
2 Rude Rooster
Student Of Misery
Rude Rooster
Produced by: Rude Rooster
Publisher: Gniotunes ASCAP
Year: 2001
3 Bill Eggleston
Reaching Out (The Butterfly Effect)
(Bill Eggleston, Chris Cihon)

Produced by: Bill Eggelston
Publisher: Bill Eggleston
Year: 2001
3 Alex Bach
(Alex Bach & Gerald Fraller)
Miles To Go
Produced by: Alex Bach
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
4 Broken Brains
Rock n Roll Ho'lyday
(Ola Forsberg)
Rock 'n Roll Ho'lyday
Produced by: Robert C-G Eriksson
Publisher: Northern Bjorksatra Studio
Year: 2003
4 Ed Jurdi
Love Me Till The Sunshines
(Ed Jurdi)
Ed Jurdi
Produced by: Ed Jurdi
Publisher: Ed Jurdi (Stands Alone Music)
Year: 1999
5 Sammi Morelli
Let Me Be The One
(Sammi Morelli, Juliet & Tony Morelli, Paul Garay)
Produced by: Brett Wade, Paul Garay
Publisher: none
Year: 2001
5 Eileen Carey
(Eileen Carey, Paul Masuidal)
Produced by: Paul Masuidal
Publisher: Rolleycstr Music
Year: 2001
6 Leila
If You're Gonna Leave
(Leila and Bobbi "Funkeeboy" Tammaro, © 2003)
Leila ... Of Life
Produced by: Bobbi "Funkeeboy" Tammaro
Publisher: Power Of One Music (BUG Music)
Year: 2003
6 Songman Mel
Our Love Will Last
(Melvin G. Fromm Jr.)
Songman Mel's Country Music CD, #4
Produced by: Melvin G. Fromm Jr.
Publisher: Melvin G. Fromm Jr.
Year: 2003
7 Soundtrack Mind
It's Just Right
(Soundtrack Mind)
Plastic Dreams
Produced by: Soundtrack Mind
Publisher: Soundtrack Mind
Year: 2003
7 Rainbow's End
Love Conquers All
(Kathryn Grimm/Leon Randolph)
No Far Out
Produced by: Kathryn Grimm/Leon Randolph
Publisher: Grimmmusic
Year: 1996
8 Travis Allison Band
Long Time Gone
(Travis Allison)
Produced by: Travis Allison
Publisher: Travus Allison
Year: 2001
8 Leon
Baby Don't Go
(Leon Randolph)
4 Strings Of Spring
Produced by: Leon Randolph
Publisher: Leon Randolph
Year: 2002
9 Kenny Walker
The Key
(Kenny J. Walker)
Spokes And Spurs
Produced by: Kenny J. Walker
Publisher: Harmony Lane Music
Year: 1997
9 Mortice
(John O'Leary, Billy Rankin, Bernie Shaw)
Produced by: John O'Leary
Publisher: Gooley Records
Year: 2003
10 Brand New Jalopy
Leave Me Alone
(Jalopy Joe Rotoli)
Brand New Jalopy
Produced by: Jalopy Joe Rotoli
Publisher: Jalopy Joe Rotoli
Year: 2000
10 Antoine Gantt
Good Times
(Antoine Gantt)
Best Of Antoine Gantt
Produced by: Antoine Gantt
Publisher: none
Year: 2002

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Shane Keane Shane Keane Karen Daniel Karen Daniel Bill Eggleston Bill Eggleston Broken Brains Broken Brains Sammi Morelli Sammi Morelli Leila Leila Soundrack Mind Soundrack Mind Travis Allison Band Travis Allison Band Kenny Walker Kenny Walker Brand New Jalopy Brand New Jalopy Norman Fell Norman Fell Rude Rooster Rude Rooster Alex Bach Alex Bach Ed Jurdi Ed Jurdi Eileen Carey Eileen Carey Songman Mel Songman Mel Rainbow's End Rainbow's End Leon Leon Mortice Mortice Antoine Gantt Antoine Gantt