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November 15, 2021

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Disc One:
  1. Solarcade--Imaginary Girl
  2. King Virtue--Christmas With Madonna
  3. David Fiorenza--Wintry Wondering
  4. Detour--Snowing In July
  5. Ganimead--I Saw Three Ships
  6. Hillbillys From Space--Snowin' In Jerusalem
  7. Fishkill--Feliz Navidad
  8. Jack Rooney--Noel
  9. Fred Atkins--Holy Christmas Deity
  10. Pipapelli--Away In A Manger
Disc Two:
  1. SounDoctrine--The Christmas Song
  2. Letia Nichols--Joy To The World
  3. Melissa Gibson--What Child Is This
  4. BBlessed--ChristWas
  5. Barbara Steel & Marc Puricelli--Baby It's Cold Outside
  6. Tom Marotta--Look At The Lights
  7. Amanda Adams--Follow The Star
  8. Sheri Lynn--Oh Christmas Tree
  9. Marc Amendola--I Almost Met Santa Claus
  10. Twink-Silver Star On A Plastic Tree
  11. Raven's Lodge--White Christmas

Release Date: December 16, 2003
A WSVNRadio Christmas CD!
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A WSVNRadio Christmas
Track Listing & Credits
1 Solarcade
Imaginary Girl
Imaginary Girl EP
Produced by: Solarcade
Publisher: Solarcade
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume One)
11 SounDoctrine
The Christmas Song
(Torme/Wells; Arr. C. Barnes)
SD Live
Produced by: Jere B for Teja Ltd.
Publisher: ASCAP
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume One)
2 King Virtue
Christmas With Madonna
(King Virtue)
This Is Christmas
Produced by: Steve Jay Pollard
Publisher: Amesircle Records
Year: 2001
(appeared on: Volume One)
12 Letia Nichols
Joy To The World
(Arranged by Letia Nichols)
Joy To The World
Produced by: New World Council Diocese
Publisher: Kingdom Age Productions
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 8)
3 David Fiorenza
Wintry Wondering
(David & Anthony Fiorenza)
Go Ahead...Ignore Me!
Produced by: Mike Sapone
Publisher: Blind Cat/E H King
Year: 2001
(appeared on: Volume 4)
13 Melissa Gibson
What Child Is This
(William Chatterton Dix)
A Starry Christmas Night
Produced by: Vaughn Lofstead
Publisher: Java Joe's Records
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 6)
4 Detour
Snowing In July
(Mike Baxter, Rich Perez)
Produced by: Joshua Cutsinger
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 4)
14 Bblessed
(Bradley Rountree)
non-album track
Produced by: Bradley Rountree
Publisher: Bradley Rountree
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume III)
5 Ganimead
I Saw Three Ships
(John Ganimead)
Christmas Cheer
Produced by: John Ganimead
Publisher: Mirage Records
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume 6)
15 Barbara Steel & Marc Puricelli
Baby It's Cold Outside
(Frank Loesser)
This Satin Doll
Produced by: Steel Productions
Publisher: Frank Music Corp.
Year: 2001
(appeared on: Volume 4)
6 Hillbillys From Space
Snowin' In Jersusalem
(Jim Eisinas)
Goodbye Cruel Worlds
Produced by: Jim Eisinas, Bill Odhe, Art Eisher, Chuck Piper
Publisher: Peftap
Year: 1999
(appeared on: Volume 4)
16 Tom Marotta
Look At The Lights
(Tom Marotta)
Look At The Lights
Produced by: Tom Marotta
Publisher: Tom Marotta
Year: 2003
Website: n/a
(appeared on: Volume III)
7 Fishkill
Feliz Navidad
(Jose Feliciano)
non-album track
Produced by: Chris Nelson
Publisher: unknown
Year: 2002
(appeared on: Volume 9)
17 Amanda Adams
Follow The Star
(Amanda Adams)
Amanda Adams
Produced by: Donald Poole
Publisher: Amanda Adams
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume One)
8 Jack Rooney
(traditional; adaptation by Jack Rooney)
non-album track
Produced by: Jack Rooney
Publisher: Jack Rooney
Year: 2002
(appeared on: Volume 8)
18 Sheri Lynn
Oh Christmas Tree
(Fred Wilhelm & Kevin Fisher)
Christmas Wherever You Are
Produced by: Joseph DiGiovanna
Publisher: Sony/ATV Songs LLC & Songs of Teracel Admin.
by Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume III)
9 Fred Atkins
Holy Christmas Deity
(Fred Atkins)
My Great Loss Today
Produced by: Fred Atkins
Publisher: Annie Bell's Memory Music BMI
Year: 2002
(appeared on: Volume 7)
19 Marc Amendola
I Almost Met Santa Claus
(Marc Amendola)
non-album track
Produced by: Marc Amendola
Publisher: Squishy Lemon Publishing
Year: © 2002
(appeared on: Volume 9)
10 Pipapelli
Away In A Manger
(traditional; adaptation by RJ & Cindy Grady and Bud Gallagher)
non-album track
Produced by: Pipapelli
Publisher: Lodge Records
Year: 2003
(appeared on: Volume One)
20 Twink
Silver Star On A Plastic Tree
(Mike Langlie, Paul Coleman)
non-album track
Produced by: Mike Langlie, Paul Coleman
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
(will appear on: Volume 11)
BONUS TRACK Raven's Lodge
White Christmas
(traditional; adaptation by RJ & Cindy Grady)
A Native Nativity
Produced by: RJ Grady
Publisher: Lodge Records
Year: 2000
(appeared on: Volume One as Pipapelli)

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Solarcade King Virtue David Fiorenza Detour Ganimead Hillbillys From Space Fishkill Jack Rooney Fred Atkins Pipapelli SounDoctrine Letia Nichols Melissa Gibson BBlessed Barbara Steel & Marc Puricelli Tom Marotta Amanda Adams Sheri Lynn Marc Amendola Twink Raven's Lodge