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November 15, 2021

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Disc One
  1. Kathryn Grimm--Today
  2. Tresa Street--That's My Final Answer
  3. Guitarboy--Twice A Day
  4. Alba Zone--My Life (Remix)
  5. Tomatic--I'm Waiting For You
  6. Stefanie Fix--Girls Like Me
  7. Limited Sight Distance--It's Only Me
  8. Detour--Drowning (Walk On Water)
  9. BB Chung King & The BuddahHeads--Real
  10. David Fiorenza--Gia's World
Disc Two
  1. The Unreliables--Liar
  2. Loretta Hagen--Baby Turn Around
  3. American Gypsy--Safe Place
  4. Barbara Steel--I Should Have Known Better
  5. Fields ov Gravity--Moral Terror
  6. Killingbird--Hitch A Ride
  7. Betty In Black--Soul Full Of Blues
  8. No Illusion--No Illusion
  9. Hillbillys From Space--That Girl
  10. FLP32--The One I Need

March 25, 2003
The Fourth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 4 CD!
Click on the any of the album covers below,
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Kathryn Grimm Tresa Street guitarboy albazone tomatic Stefanie Fix Limited Sight Distance Detour BB Chung King & The BuddahHeads David Fiorenza The Unreliables Loretta Hagen American Gypsy Barbara Steel Fields ov Gravity Killingbird Betty In Black No Illusion Hillbillys From Space FLP32

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 4
Track Listing & Credits
1 Kathryn Grimm
(Kathyrn Grimm)
Kitchen Sink
Produced by: Kathryn Grimm
Publisher: Kathyrn Grimm
Year: 2002
11 The Unreliables
(Sam Naifeh)
Produced by: Jeff Bell
Publisher: TwoLane Studios
Year: 2002
2 Tresa Street
That's My Final Answer
(Tresa Street)
Ain't Nothin' Changed
Produced by: Michael Radford
Publisher: Silver Heart Music (BMI)
Year: 2002
12 Loretta Hagen
Baby Turn Around
(Loretta Hagen)
Something More
Produced by: Pat McInerney
Publisher: LHSongs (ASCAP)
Year: 2002
3 Guitarboy
Twice A Day
Guitarboy's #1 Hits On mp3.com
Produced by: Guitarboy
Publisher: Tigertar Music
Year: 2002
13 American Gypsy
Safe Place
(American Gypsy)
Safe Place
Produced by: Jon Solo
Publisher: unknown
Year: 2002
4 Alba Zone
My Life (Remix)
(Digital Explosion)
Produced by: Alba Zone, Digital Explosion, Lisa Raven
Publisher: unknown
Year: 2003
14 Barbara Steel
I Should Have Known Better
(J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
This Satin Doll
Produced by: Barbara Steel
Publisher: Steel Productions
Year: 2001
5 Tomatic
I'm Waiting For You
(Max Crocetti)
Smart Rhythm
Produced by: Max Crocetti
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
15 Fields ov Gravity
Moral Terror
(Azrael [Gary Montgomery])
Belaj Amikoj
Produced by: Azrael (Gary Montgomery)
Publisher: Azrael (Gary Montgomery)
Year: 2002
6 Stefanie Fix
Girls Like Me
(Stefanie Fix)
Produced by: Larry Campbell, Stefanie Fix, Bob Mayo, Al & Ted Hemberger
Publisher: Get Your Fix Publishing
Year: 2000
16 Killingbird
Hitch A Ride
Produced by: Skyla
Publisher: Fallen Idol Music (BMI)
Year: 2002
7 Limited Sight Distance
It's Only Me
(Stefanie Fix)
Limited Sight Distance EP
Produced by: Kevin McMahon
Publisher: Get Your Fix Publishing
Year: 2002
17 Betty In Black
Soul Full Of Blues
(Ron Ecker, Mike Semies, John Urbamski)
Bisquit Bones
Produced by: Ron Ecker
Publisher: Bangbushie
Year: 2003
8 Detour
Drowning (Walk On Water)
(Mike Baxter/Rich Perez)
Produced by: none
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
18 No Illusion
No Illusion
(Robert Jazayeri)
No Illusion
Produced by: Robert Jazayeri
Publisher: R&R Entertainment
Year: 2003
9 BB Chung King & The BuddahHeads
(Alan Mirikitani)
Produced by: Alan Mirikitani
Publisher: Windswept Music
Year: 2002
19 Hillbillys From Space
That Girl
(Jim Eisinas, Bill Ohde, Art Gigler)
Fortune Cookies
Produced by: Jim Eisinas, Bill Ohde, Charlie Piper
Publisher: PEFTAP
Year: 2001
10 David Fiorenza
Gia's World
(David Fiorenza)
Martini's, Stockings and William Holden
Produced by: Mike Sapone
Publisher: Fiorenza, (ASCAP)
Year: 2002
20 FLP32
The One I Need
(Trey Rentz/FLP32)
Produced by: Aaron Polston
Publisher: none
Year: 2001

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.