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November 15, 2021

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  1. The Yards--La Pelota
  2. Ambient Dream--Siren Wind
  3. Juanita Ford--Pardon Me Ma'am
    (vocals: John Stephenson)
  4. Joe Berry--Like A Bad Penny
  5. Melissa Gibson--Even For You
  6. Wes McDonald--Rose
  7. Left Foot Blue--Man Behind The Mask
  8. Wolfe At The Door--Here Comes The Rain
  9. Ivory Tower Project--Burning
  10. Tracylyn--As Long As Forever Lasts
  11. Bryan Master--Reunion Of Sorts
  12. Griff Hamlin Band--When Evil Comes
  13. Blud Bros.--Came And Bled And Died
  14. Romislokus--Just Dream
  15. Kenny Camacho--Love From A Stone
  16. JeKKel--You're The One
  17. Ganimead--Space Rocks!
  18. Mr. G. Reality--One Brotha 2 Anotha
  19. Donald Wayne Johnson--Back In The Mainstream
  20. Tim Lee & Mike Means Project--End Of The Line

June 10, 2003
The Sixth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 6 CD!
Click on the any of the album covers below,
for each artist's website

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 6
Track Listing & Credits
1 The Yards
La Pelota
(Hoopes-Johnson Bros.-White)
The Yards
Produced by: Tom Johnson
Publisher: The Yards
Year: 2002
11 Bryan Master
Reunion Of Sorts
(Bryan Master)
Lost At Sea
Produced by: Tom O'Brien
Publisher: Bryan Master Music
Year: 2003
2 Ambient Dream II
Siren Wind
(Ken Mowery)
Music For Films And Movies
Produced by: Ken Mowery
Publisher: Kenneth Preston Mowery Music
Year: 2002
12 Griff Hamlin Band
When Evil Comes
(Griff Hamlin)
The Griff Hamlin Band
Produced by: Griff Hamlin
Publisher: GHB Productions
Year: 2002
3 Juanita Ford
Pardon Me Ma'am
(Juanita Ford, Kirk Comiskey)
Juanita Ford
Produced by: John Adam Murph
Publisher: Joe Berry/Juanita Ford Publishing BMI
Year: 2003
13 Blud Bros.
Came And Bled And Died
(Alan Harvey (with Ron Buffington)
Not What You Think
Produced by: Ron Buffington
Publisher: Chord of Three Productions
Year: 2002
4 Joe Berry
Like A Bad Penny
(Joe Berry/Juanita Ford)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
Produced by: Keith Bradford
Publisher: Juanita Ford
Year: 2002
14 Romislokus
Just Dream
Produced by: Romislokus
Publisher: self-released
Year: 2003
5 Melissa Gibson
Even For You
(Melissa Gibson)
Welcome To Stay
Produced by: Vaughn Lofstead
Publisher: Java Joe's Records
Year: 2003
15 Kenny Camacho
Love From A Stone
(Kenny Camacho, Mike Cerullo, Rick Augusta)
Long And Overdue
Produced by: Kenny Camacho
Publisher: Kenny Camacho (ASCAP)
Year: 2002
6 Wes McDonald
(Wes McDonald)
Cuttin' Up Rocks
Produced by: Wes McDonald
Publisher: Wes McDonald
Year: 2002
16 JeKKel
You're The One
(Jim Cathcart, Laramie Hancock, Katie Cathcart)
Ping Pong Warriors
Produced by: Troy Dexter
Publisher: JeKKel Music
Year: 2003
7 Left Foot Blue
Man Behind The Mask
(Left Foot Blue)
Back In Blue
Produced by: Left Foot Blue and Glenn Ferracone
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
17 Ganimead
Space Rocks!
(John Aldhous-Evans)
Space Rocks!
Produced by: John Aldhous-Evans
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
8 Wolfe At The Door
Here Comes The Rain
(Wolfe, Halligan & Novarro)
Random Thoughts
Produced by: Tony Novarro
Publisher: Muddy Sneakers Music, ASCAP
Year: 2001
18 Mr. G. Reality
One Brotha 2 Anotha
(Mr. G. Reality)
The Message
Produced by: Mr. G. Reality
Publisher: Thought Life Records
Year: 2003
9 Ivory Tower Project
(J.Jace & M.Regula)
Red Hot
Produced by: Regula & Novarro
Publisher: Rockamagula Music
Year: 2001
19 Donald Wayne Johnson
Back In The Mainstream
(Donald Wayne Johnson)
Half A Heart
Produced by: Donald Wayne and Steve Bivens
Publisher: First Hand Dude Music BMI
Year: 2002
10 Tracylyn
As Long As Forever Lasts
(Bob Dellaposta/Teresa Wade, My Three Kids Music BMI)
Good Rain
Produced by: Todd Joos and Cellar Records
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
20 Tim Lee & Mike Means Project
End Of The Line
Tim Lee & Mike Means Project
Produced by: Tim Lee
Publisher: Lee/Means
Year: 2003

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
The Yards Ambient Dream Juanita Ford Joe Berry Melissa Gibson Wes McDonald Left Foot Blue Wolfe At The Door Ivory Tower Project Tracylyn Bryan Master Griff Hamlin Band Blud Bros. Romislokus Kenny Camacho Jekkel Ganimead Mr. G. Reality Donald Wayne Johnson Tim Lee & Mike Means Project