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November 15, 2021

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  1. Debbie G.--Over The Rainbow
  2. Peter Cross--Favorite Toy
  3. DJ Come Of Age--From A Window
  4. Bob E. Lee--Do You Really Love Me
  5. Trei--I Can Only Be Me
  6. Crista Lynn--Walk A Little Faster
  7. Buddy Lewis--Adios My Compadre
  8. Janet Bates--American Soldier
  9. Paul Winn--Fortunate Man
  10. Robin Wynn--Jordan's Song
  11. Adam Barta--I Told Her
  12. The Willies--Don't Waste My Time
  13. Bob Cushing--When Did The World Pass Me By
  14. Stephen Sebastian--Play
  15. Richard Freitas--Sassy Sue
  16. Julie Layne Bloeth--Bluer Skies
  17. B.C.--Imagination
  18. Shawn Harvey--
    I Drove Up In My Cadillac Car
  19. Kimmy & Klasse--My Day
  20. Rick Ray Band--Until The End

Release Date: May 16, 2006
The Sixteenth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 16 CD!
Click on the any of the album covers below,
for each artist's website

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 16
Track Listing & Credits
1 Debbie G.
Over The Rainbow
(Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg)
Produced by: John Unger
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
11 Adam Barta
I Told Her
(Adam Barta, Keith Henderson)
I Told Her
Produced by: Keith Henderson
Publisher: VC2 America Records
Year: 2004
2 Peter Cross
Favorite Toy
(Peter Cross)
A Hard Day At The Orifice
Produced by: Peter Cross
Publisher: Peter Cross
Year: 1996
12 The Willies
Don't Waste My Time
(Daman Pipitone)
Low Ceiling
Produced by: Daman Pipitone & Jim Bailey
Publisher: Rayson Music BMI
Year: 2005
3 DJ Come Of Age
From A Window
(Samuel Nygren)
Hidden Souls
Produced by: Sam Nygren
Publisher: Soul Production
Year: 2005
13 Bob Cushing
When Did The World Pass Me By
(Bob Cushing)
Story Of My Life
Produced by: Christ Geins
Publisher: Alley Roads Music BMI
Year: 2004
4 Bob E. Lee
Do You Really Love Me
(Bob E. Lee)
Pieces Of Blues
Produced by: Bob E. Lee/Bob Savage
Publisher: Bob E. Lee
Year: 2005
14 Stephen Sebastian
(Stephen Sebastian)
Produced by: Stephen Sebastian
Publisher: Stephen Sebastian
Year: 2004
5 Trei
I Can Only Be Me
(Trina Taylor)
This Is Me
Produced by: Eric Fleming
Publisher: Treihouse Publication © 2004/BMI
Year: 2005
15 Richard Freitas
Sassy Sue
(Richard Freitas, Gerri Brioso)
Tootise Tunes
Produced by: Richard Freitas/Gerri Brioso
Publisher: The Dovetail Group, Inc.
Year: 2005
6 Crista Lynn
Walk A Little Faster
(D. Miller, J. Hunter, D. Singleton, G. Gowon)
Every Angel In Heaven
Produced by: Buddy Hyatt
Publisher: Dan Grayshook
Year: 2004
16 Julie Layne Bloeth
Bluer Skies
Time Moves On
Produced by: Rob Perry
Publisher: Sounds From The Hound Publishing (BMI)
Year: 2006
7 Buddy Lewis
Adios My Compadre
(Buddy Lewis)
(Three Song Compilation)
Produced by: Buddy Lewis
Publisher: Shane Wilder Music
Year: 2004
17 B.C.
Map Of The Muddled Mind
Produced by: Brian Calhoun
Publisher: Sounds From The Hound Publishing (BMI)
Year: 2005
8 Janet Bates
American Soldier
(Janet Bates)
A Time Has Come
Produced by: Bill Garrett & Janet Bates
Publisher: Janet Bates
Year: 2004
18 Shawn Harvey
I Drove Up In My Cadillac Car
(Arthur Harvey, Shawn Harvey)
In The Hills
Produced by: Boz Boorer
Publisher: Kissy Music
Year: 2005
9 Paul Winn
Fortunate Man
(Paul Winn)
Paul Winn
Produced by: Anton Hagop/Paul Winn
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2004
19 Kimmy & Klasse
My Day
(Kimmy J. Kearse)
Reaching For The Love Of Music
Produced by: Kimmy J. Kearse
Publisher: W L Fletcher
Year: 2002
10 Robin Wynn
Jordan's Song
(Robin Wynn)
Produced by: Mark Goldstein
Publisher: Robin Wynn/OneTrueVibe
Year: 2004
20 The Rick Ray Band
Until The End
(Ray, Androse, Abraham, Schultz, Glorioso, Pallino)
Temporary World
Produced by: Rick Ray
Publisher: Neurosis Publishing
Year: 2005

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Debbie G. Peter Cross DJ Come Of Age Bob E. Lee Trei Crista Lynn Buddy Lewis Janet Bates Paul Winn Robin Wynn Adam Barta The Willies Bob Cushing Stephen Sebastian Richard Freitas Julie Layne Bloeth B.C. Shawn Harvey Kimme & Klasse Rick Ray Band