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November 15, 2021

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  1. Tim Keyes--Let It Go
  2. Kill By Inches--Man With No Country
  3. Susie Franzen--Oh My God
  4. BrokenNess--The Ocean Makes Her Cry
  5. Amy Vee--All In Me
  6. Sunburst 17--Icarus To The Sun
  7. The Workers--Metropolis Damned
  8. Edible Red--California
  9. Chad Maybin--There Goes The Heart I Broke Before
  10. Gene Hilbert--5th Chord
  11. Soultree--Addiction
  12. Wavelength--Sorry Sadness
  13. Meep--Stay
  14. Richie Ray--Right After Wrong
  15. Brown Sox-She Wants
  16. Klarc Qent--No Nonsense No. 1
  17. Twink--Honeyglaze
  18. Intricate Unit--Media Fiend
  19. Dreamfield--Christopher's Dream
  20. Finless Brown--Quick Draw

Release Date: January 20, 2004
The Eleventh 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 11 CD!
Click on the any of the album covers below,
for each artist's website

The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 11
Track Listing & Credits
1 Tim Keyes
Let It Go
(Tim Keyes, Jim Keyes, Scott O'Grady)
Produced by: Patrick Bamburak/Tim Keyes
Publisher: Humbletunes, Inc.
Year: 2003
11 Soultree
(Susan Kolacny)
Produced by: Soultree
Publisher: Soultree
Year: 2003
2 Kill By Inches
Man With No Country
(Pete Sirianni)
Kill By Inches
Produced by: Jim Sabella
Publisher: KBI Music, ASCAP
Year: 2001
12 Wavelength
Sorry Sadness
(Ferdinand Magallanes)
Cruzin' The Music Highway
Produced by: Ferdinand Magallanes
Publisher: Ferdinand Magallanes
Year: 2003
3 Susie Franzen
Oh My God
(Ritchie Garcia & Susie Franzen)
Not Alone
Produced by: Ritchie Garcia & Susie Franzen
Publisher: BMI
Year: 2003
13 Meep
(Mick Hartman)
Produced by: Meep
Publisher: Meep
Year: 2003
4 BrokenNess
The Ocean Makes Her Cry
(Regan L. Barger)
ICU In Dandylions
Produced by: Todd Ensminger & Regan L. Barger
Publisher: Regan Barger
Year: 2002
14 Richie Ray
Right After Wrong
(Richard Glynn)
Street Dreams
Produced by: Richard Glynn
Publisher: none
Year: 2002
5 Amy Vee
All In Me
(Amy Vee)
All In Me (EP)
Produced by: Sam Hawksley
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
15 Brown Sox
She Wants
(Russell Ockmond)
Music To Quilt By
Produced by: Scott Campbell
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
6 Sunburst 17
Icarus To The Sun
(Sunburst 17)
Sunburst 17
Produced by: Sunburst 17 & Ellis Stuart
Publisher: Sunburst 17
Year: 2003
16 Klarc Qent
Non-sense No. 1
(Klarc Qent)
FDISK (compilation)
Produced by: Klarc Qent
Publisher: Acidsoxx Musicks
Year: 2003
7 The Workers
Metropolis Damned
(Daniel Greenwald)
East Bronx Epiphany
Produced by: Daniel Greenwald
Publisher: Daniel Greenwald
Year: 2000
17 Twink
(Mike Langlie)
Produced by: Mike Langlie
Publisher: Mike Langlie
Year: 2003
8 Edible Red
(Edible Red, Joey Cirillo)
Edible Red
Produced by: Brad Allsetta, Cameron Grieder
Publisher: Munchyland Music
Year: 2000
18 Intricate Unit
Media Fiend
(Ben Kopec)
Produced by: Ben Kopec
Publisher: none
Year: 2003
9 Chad Maybin
There Goes The Heart I Broke Before
(Chad Maybin)
Anywhere Bound
Produced by: Skip Gosnell
Publisher: Beckland Music Publishing
Year: 2003
19 Dreamfield
Christopher's Dream
(Poppy Gonzalez)
Christopher's Dream
Produced by: Micky Howard/Poppy Gonzalez
Publisher: Unpublished
Year: 2003
10 Gene Hilbert
5th Chord
(Gene Hilbert)
The Dark Horse
Produced by: Gene Hilbert
Publisher: Gene Hilbert
Year: 2002
20 Finless Brown
Quick Draw
(P. Richardson, I. Richardson, S. Huge, A. Frank,
S. Bendezu, J. Eggert, J. Drexler)
The Browntown EP
Produced by: Paul Richardson
Publisher: Headrush Entertainment
Year: 2003

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Tim Keyes Kill By Inches Susie Franzen BrokenNess Amy Vee Sunburst 17 The Workers Edible Red Chad Maybin Gene Hilbert Soultree Wavelength Meep Richie Ray Brown Sox Klarc Qent Twink Intricate Unit Dreamfield Finless Brown Tim Keyes Kill By Inches Susie Franzen BrokenNess Amy Vee Sunburst 17 The Workers Edible Red Chad Maybin Gene Hilbert Soultree Wavelength Meep Richie Ray Brown Sox Klarc Qent Twink Intricate Unit Dreamfield Finless Brown