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November 15, 2021

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Disc One:
  1. Tyrone Houston--Get Free
  2. Sweet Crystal--In God We Trust
  3. Arthur Mountniol--Australia
  4. Erik Erikson--Just Can't Let You Go
  5. Alligator Stew--Louisiana Man
  6. Cafebar 401--I Need To Know
  7. Blunder Children--The Spider That Turned Into A Man
  8. Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker--The Truth Is In Your Eyes
  9. Ann (Boyter) Blair--Bottles n Bruises
  10. Pete "Big Dog" Fetters--Midnight Train
Disc Two:
  1. Luke Powers-I Saw John Kennedy
  2. Sheldon Gabriel--Boolean Moods
  3. Everett B. Walters--And The Story Goes Like This
  4. Dann Russo--Bittersweet Love
  5. Halovox--Deception
  6. Rufus Clifford--If Everybody Was Like You
  7. Miss Kristin--No Matter Where You Are
  8. Kahea Sammons--Where Was Love
  9. Nanea--Keiki's Lullaby
  10. Marty Whiddon--Country Music Horn

Release Date: February, 2005
The Fifteenth 20 artists
The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 15 CD!
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The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
Volume 14
Track Listing & Credits
Disc One Disc Two
1 Tyrone Houston
Get Free
(Tyrone Houston, Erik Grant Bennett)
No Boundaries
Produced by: Erik Grant Bennett
Publisher: Tyrone Houston, Erik Grant Bennett
Year: 2004
1 Luke Powers
I Saw John Kennedy
(Luke Powers)
Picture Book
Produced by: Tommy Spurlock
Publisher: Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC
Year: 2004
2 Sweet Crystal
In God We Trust
(Marq Andrew Speck)
Still Standing...
Produced by: Marq Andrew Speck
Publisher: Nightcrier Music, Inc. (BMI)
Year: 2001
2 Sheldon Gabriel
Boolean Moods
(Sheldon Gabriel)
Digital Soundscapes
Produced by: Sheldon Gabriel
Publisher: Sheldon Gabriel
Year: 2004
Website: n/a
3 Arthur Mountaniol
(Arthur Mountaniol (ASCAP)
Produced by: Arthur Mountaniol
Publisher: The Moon Pierrot Republic (ASCAP)
Year: 2004
3 Everett B. Walters
And The Story Goes Like This
(M.E. Brown, HWB III)
And The Story Goes Like This
Produced by: P. Merriwerthar
Publisher: Everett Mych Music, Harry Bone Music,
Rick Snehart Music (ASCAP)
Year: 2004
4 Erik Erikson
Just Can't Let You Go
(Erik Erikson)
From The Top Drawer
Produced by: Erik Erikson
Publisher: EEE Productions Ltd.
Year: 2002
4 Dann Russo
Bittersweet Love
(Dann Russo/Mark Farrartale)
Dann Russo
Produced by: Zippah Studios
Publisher: Mousse Dog Music
Year: 2004
5 Alligator Stew
Louisiana Man
(Gary Jeffries)
Alligator Stew
Produced by: Mike Lesniak
Publisher: ASCAP - Gator Jaw
Year: 2000
5 Halovox
(Frank J. Freda)
Produced by: Frank J. Freda/Jon Witte
Publisher: Halovox
Year: 2004
6 Cafebar 401
I Need To Know
(Tije Oortwijn)
Cafebar 401
Produced by: Tije Oortwijn
Publisher: Tije Oortwijn
Year: 2004
6 Rufus Clifford
If Everybody Was Like You
(Rufus Clifford)
Honkytonk School
Produced by: Rufus Clifford
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2004
7 Blunder Children
The Spider That Turned Into A Man
(Patrick Thibodeauz & Matthew Lewis)
Blunder Children
Produced by: Patrick Thibodeaux
Publisher: Water Bear Records
Year: 2004
7 Miss Kristin
No Matter Where You Are
(Miss Kristin)
Trouble Child
Produced by: Miss Kristin
Publisher: Brave Girl Music BMI
Year: 2003
8 Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker
The Truth Is In Your Eyes
(Steve Elliott)
Straight Up
Produced by: John Cody
Publisher: Elwaco Publishing
Year: 2000
8 Kahea Sammons
Where Was Love
(Kahea Sammons, William Messner)
Kahea Sammons
Produced by: William Messner
Publisher: Pursuit Entertainment
Year: 2005
9 Ann (Boyter) Blair
Bottles n Bruises
(Ann Boyter)
No Regrets
Produced by: Marco Delmar
Publisher: Boyter House Publication
Year: 2004
9 Nanea
Keiki's Lullaby
(Franklin B. Cooper
Desert Isle
Produced by: FBCSounds Inc.
Publisher: n/a
Year: 2003
10 Pete "Big Dog" Fetters
Midnight Train
(Pete Fetters)
Produced by: Pete Fetters
Publisher: Woof Woof Publishing
Year: 2004
20 Marty Whiddon
Country Music Horn
(Marcus G. Whiddon)
His Songs And Music
Produced by: Al Gore & Marty Whiddon
Publisher: Woodrich Publishing Co.
Year: 2004

NOTE: Track Listing is determined by Chronological Order; the order in which we received music from the 20 artists for this collection.
Tyrone Houston Sweet Crystal Arthur Mountaniol Erik Erikson Alligator Stew Cafebar 401 Blunder Children Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker Ann (Boyter) Blair Pete Big Dog Fetters Luke Powers Sheldon Gabriel Everett B. Walters Dann Russo Halovox Rufus Clifford Miss Kristin Kahea Sammons Nanea Marty Whiddon